Confucius Institute Board Members

The organization of the Confucius Institute at Troy is composed of the Board Council, Director and Deputy Directors.

The CIT Board Committee:

 Jack Hawkins

Board Chair: Dr. Jack Hawkins
Chancellor, Troy University



Vice Chair: Mr. Zeyang Zhou
President of Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China



Vice Chair: Dr. Earl Ingram
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Troy University


Curtis Porter

Member: Curtis Porter
Associate Vice Chancellor, International Affairs, Troy University



Member: Professor Yong Lei
Dean of International College of Chinese Language and Culture
Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China



Member: Associate Professor Pin Guan
Director, Officer for International Cooperation Exchanges
Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China

Executive Directors:

Dr. Iris Hong Xu 

Dr. Iris Hong Xu
Director of CIT, Troy University



Deputy Director: Mr. Zhi Cha
Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China