Confucius Institute Board Members

The Confucius Institute at Troy is composed of the Board Council, Director and Deputy Directors.

The CIT Board Committee:

 Jack Hawkins

Board Chair: Dr. Jack Hawkins
Chancellor, Troy University



Vice Chair: Mr. Zeyang Zhou
President of Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China



Vice Chair: Dr. Earl Ingram
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Troy University


Curtis Porter

Member: Curtis Porter
Associate Vice Chancellor, International Affairs, Troy University



Member: Professor Yong Lei
Dean of International College of Chinese Language and Culture
Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China



Member: Associate Professor Pin Guan
Director, Officer for International Cooperation Exchanges
Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China

Executive Directors:

Dr. Iris Hong Xu 

Dr. Iris Hong Xu
Director of CIT, Troy University


Li Fang

Dr. Li Fang
Visting Scholar on Second Language Aquisition
Deputy Director of CIT, Troy University
Chongqing Normal University (CNU), China