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China Initiative

The Confucius Institute at Troy University is charged with bringing knowledge of China to the state of Alabama to foster growth in the business, education, cultural, and public interests throughout to the people of Alabama.

CIT was established as a response to the increasing need for Chinese language in America. It is the first of its kind established in Alabama, an honor to the well-established Troy University. CIT provides professional Chinese language training to the community, as well as training for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. The institute develops teaching materials and curriculum, promotes educational exchange, and encourages research and cooperation between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China.

Over recent years, the Confucius Institutes' continued development has allowed it to provide resources for people all over the world to learn about Chinese language and culture. It has become a platform for cultural exchanges between China and the world.

CIT achieves these long-term education goals through a mix of different types of programs. Some of these approaches include student and teacher-centered camps and study abroad trips, partnerships both on and off the home campus of Troy, and facilitating the transition for American teachers who wish to teach in China. The CIT offers resources wherever available for various avenues of interest in the Chinese-American exchange.