Dr. Xu's Visits


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12th Confucius Institute Conference Concludes Successfully (12-18-2017)
Deepening Cooperation, Developing through Innovation, Working Together to Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind (12-13-2017)
12th Confucius Institute Conference to Be Held in Xi’an (12-12-2017)
12th Confucius Institute Conference, Liu Yandong: Deepen Cooperation, Developing through Innovation—December 12th, Evening News (12-12-2017)
The name of the news is "Deepening Cooperation, Innovation and Development to Make Contributions to Human Destiny-The 12th Confucius Institute Conference on Dec.12,2017 (12-12-2017)
The 12th Confucius Institute Conference Will Be Held in Xi'an on Dec. 12th, 2017 (12-10-2017)
CIT Attended the Washington International Chinese Forum—Fall Conference (11-13-2017) 
The 7th SECLA was Held in Xavier University of Louisiana (11-11-2017)
The Second International Symposium on the Development and Innovation of Overseas Chinese Textbooks
China Trip Orientation for Alabama Educators (04-17-2017)
CIT Teachers attended AWLA Conference at Auburn University (02-03-2017)


Chancellors of Troy visited CNU (06-12-2016)


Dr. Xu visited Jiangsu Normal University (12-08-2015) 
The CIT attended 2015 National Chinese Language Conference (04-16-2015)


International Cultural Week at Hunan Normal University, China Dec. 5-6, 2014 (12-5-2014)
CIT Teachers Attended Teacher Training in Georgia State University [04-19-2014]  
Dr. Xu Invited to Give Chinese Business Culture for Rotary Club (03-18-2014)


China Trip for Educators Visiting Guangdong Baiyun University (07-01-2013)