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Fall 2018 Recruitment (Rush)

IFC Recruitment is a series of social events and gatherings that allow prospective and current fraternity members to get to know each other. Fraternity Recruitment at Troy University is facilitated through Formal Fall Recruitment. Every male student who is participating in IFC Recruitment must complete the online registration form and pay the recruitment fee of $35.00.

A high school grade point average of 2.5 is required to participate in the recruitment process. Transfer students or students enrolled in Troy University with spring semester grades, must have a grade point average of 2.0 to participate in recruitment. No alcohol is allowed during any recruitment event associated with Troy University.

Registration for IFC Fall Recruitment will begin on May 1, 2018.

You will have until Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM to sign up.

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What to expect during the Summer and IMPACT Sessions (Pre-Recruitment Activities)

Fraternity Recruitment begins with building relationships during the summer by providing you with the opportunity to meet many new people, including fellow students and fraternity men. IMPACT offers a great opportunity to explore Greek life. On your first day of IMPACT you will have an opportunity to attend a breakout session so you can learn more about recruitment and fraternities. This session is not a requirement for recruitment, but you are strongly encouraged to attend, as important details will be discussed. Later in the day, you will attend a student organization browse fair where you will meet some of the members of the fraternities and learn more about their organizations. Then, that evening the fraternities will have their houses open so that you may go by and visit. Over the summer fraternity, men may invite you on social outings such as kayaking trips, camping trips, and parties at the fraternity houses. This is the best way for you to develop a sense of what you are looking for in a fraternity and what chapters best fit your personality.

Receiving a bid from a chapter is not allowed throughout your IMPACT experience or in the summer during trips or events. Bidding can only take place in the fall semester. If you are offered a bid, do not accept it as this can affect your chance of participating in Fall Recruitment and will force you to wait until the spring semester to participate.

Formal Fall Recruitment – August 20 – 24, 2018

Formal Recruitment begins in the fall with Fraternity Orientation on August 20th at 7:00 P.M. in the Trojan Center Ballrooms. Here you will have another opportunity to speak with members of each fraternity and learn more about their organizations. Orientation is mandatory for the Fall Recruitment process. The following night you will visit each of the fraternity houses for an official tour. This will begin at 6:00 P.M. (You will be given more information about this during Orientation.) This tour will be more structured than your visit over the summer. After you have toured all of the houses you are free to return to any fraternity house that you wish to visit that night and can visit the houses again on your own the next night. (The times for this will be announced during Orientation.)

If the chapter chooses you as someone they would like to have as part of their organization, they will offer you an official “bid” to join. Bidding will begin on August 23rd. If you receive a bid, it is up to you to determine whether or not you wish to accept it. You can receive bids from any number of houses, but you will have to decide which chapter you would most like to join. When accepting a bid, the fraternity will have you sign their bid card and the Buckley Form (University Agreement Form). At that time, you will then be considered a new member of that fraternity.

Bidding will continue until 9 p.m. on Friday, August 24th when formal recruitment ends. At that time chapters may host parties at their fraternity houses to celebrate Fall Recruitment.

Suggested attire for all recruitment events is business casual.

Buckley Form

Once a Buckley Form (University Agreement Form) is signed, the new member is bound to that organization. If the new member drops for any reason and wishes to disassociate with the chapter, then that individual is subject to a waiting period to be determined by the IFC before they can participate in recruitment and accept another bid from another fraternity.

If the individual drops out of the fraternity within the first two weeks following Fall Recruitment, then he will have to wait a week to receive a Continuous Open Bid (COB) from an organization. If the individual drops out after the two week grace period, then the he will have to wait until Spring Recruitment to join a fraternity. Each time a student drops one organization and joins another, he will be assessed with another $35.00 Recruitment Fee.

Important Dates to Remember

IFC Recruitment Registration: May 1, 2018-August 19, 2018
Once you have registered online, your information is shared with all IFC fraternities.

Formal Recruitment: August 20, 2018-August 24, 2018