Greek Convocation

NPHC Greek Convocation


The National Pan-Hellenic Council’s recruitment process is referred to as Membership Intake. Before any student interested in joining a NPHC organization, they must attend NPHC Convocation at least one time. NPHC Convocation is an open forum for interested students to learn more about our chapters. Each chapter gives a brief background on their national history and chapter history, shares their involvement on campus as well as in the local community and answers questions you may have about the organization’s Membership Intake Process. The required dress for Convocation is business attire (a nice Sunday dress for women and slacks, tie and dress shirt for men).

Fall Convocation is Sunday, January 27 at 5:00 pm in Hawkins Hall.

Students have two opportunities to attend NPHC Convocation in an academic year, once in August and again once in January. If you have never attended a NPHC Convocation then you will not be allowed to join an NPHC Organization Membership Intake Program.

Each organization follows a set of guidelines and practices from their national offices during their Membership Intake Process. Chapters post flyers around campus inviting all interested students to attend an “Interest Meeting,” “Informational,” “Rush Tea” or “Meet N Greet.” If you are interested in a specific chapter, we encourage you to watch for recruitment flyers, meet members in the chapter, learn about the organization on the chapter or national organization website and attend programs held by the organization. The minimum requirement for a student to seek membership are 12 semester hours on a University, have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, community service hours, be in good standing with the University and attended one NPHC Convocation. Some organizations require more than the minimum requirement.

How do I Register for Convocation?

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