Frequently Asked Questions about Sorority Recruitment


Sorority recruitment registration is on-line at How to Register. Beginning May 1, 2019 you may go on-line and register for recruitment. Registration ends on July 26, 2019. There is an $80 fee and at the conclusion of the on-line registration you may pay by debit card, credit card or by e-check. On July 12, 2019 the fee will go up to $95, so we encourage you to register early. If you register and decide not to go through recruitment if we are notified by Friday, July 26th we will refund $60 of the registration fee. There will be no refunds after Friday, July 26, 2019.

The Panhellenic Council’s policy for participation in membership recruitment is that any college woman is eligible for membership recruitment who has completed high school with a 2.2 overall average (on a 4.0 scale) who has been accepted to Troy University. Upperclassmen at TROY must have a 2.2 overall average. Transfer students must have a 2.2 overall average based on 12 hours. If a transfer student has less than 12 hours, her eligibility will be based on her high school grade point average. This eligibility policy for recruitment is designed to help new students become academically oriented at the University before becoming involved in the sorority aspect of campus life.

The Panhellenic Council’s membership recruitment eligibility policy is a minimum requirement. Each sorority sets their own academic standards for joining. Each sorority will carefully evaluate the grades and high school activities of each woman going through recruitment when making membership decisions. We have provided for you the percentage of women pledged by grade point average (from last year’s recruitment) to help you determine your chances of pledging based on grades. Please remember that being released from recruitment or not receiving a bid through the process is due to a wide variety of factors that are ultimately up to the chapters. GPA is only one of those factors, but there is much weight placed on GPA.

Percentage of Freshman Women pledged and their grade point average.

3.5 to 4.00 – 94% pledged
3.00 to 3.40 – 92% pledged
2.2 to 2.9 – 57% pledged


Percentage of Upperclassmen Women pledged and their grade point average

3.5 to 4.00 – 83% pledged
3.00 to 3.40 – 69% pledged
2.2 to 2.9 – 66% pledged
A young woman who has resigned from a sorority at Troy University shall not be eligible to join any sorority at Troy University for one calendar year from the original date of signing her preference card.

 Membership recruitment check-in will be Sunday, August 4, 2019 from 3:30 to 4:00 pm in Smith Hall, Claudia Crosby theater.

 If you are scheduled to live in a residence hall this upcoming academic year then you will be living in your assigned residence hall room during recruitment. Residence hall check in for those participating in sorority recruitment will begin on Saturday, August 3rd from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday, August 4th, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. When you arrive, check in will take place at your assigned residence hall. The resident assistant staff will be in the lobby area of each dorm to help check you in. Once you check in, you will receive your key and be able to move into your residence hall room. We give Housing the names of all women going through recruitment, so Housing will expect you to check in on Saturday, August 3rd or Sunday, August 4th if you are living on campus. If you did not get your key fob during IMPACT you may pick up your key fob after you check in. The Key Fob office is in Shackelford room 101.

If you will not be living in university housing this fall, you must make your own arrangements for housing off campus during membership recruitment week. Often, we get phone calls from women telling us that their apartment complexes will not let them move in early. If that is your case, we recommend staying at a hotel or with a friend. The Panhellenic Council and Pi Chis will be staying in a hotel and you are welcome to make arrangements to stay in our hotel. Please call the Panhellenic Advisor, Barbara Patterson, for information on making reservations. She can be reached at 334-670-3204.

Meals: You are responsible for paying for your own meals during recruitment whether you live on campus or off campus. For those of you living on campus please note that the meal plans for on campus residents will start on August 10th, 2019. Recruitment groups will usually have one meal off campus each day together.

 Yes! There are three fun-filled rounds of events during membership recruitment week. All potential members attend five events the first round. (Please Note: There are eighteen events scheduled for Philanthropy and Service Day, eleven events Monday, seven events Tuesday). Your recruitment counselor will inform you which five you will attend. A potential member may attend four Sisterhood and Values Day events (which are held on Wednesday and Thursday) and two Preference events (Friday). The object of recruitment is to give yourself the information you need in order for you to make the best decision. You may not go back to the same sorority twice during the same series of events. All schedules must be issued through official Panhellenic channels. Any violations should be reported to a Recruitment Counselor or the Panhellenic Advisor.

Please note that the first day of sorority recruitment is divided up into two days, Monday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 6. Half of the women will go to events on one of these two days and the other half will have a free day to set up their residence hall room, run errands, etc. The second event of recruitment is divided into two days also, Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8. If you are invited to parties for the second round, you will most likely have one of those two days free.

 Just as a sorority chooses its new members on the basis of future congeniality, so a potential member chooses to pledge her loyalty to the group with which she feels more natural and at home. There is no “rating” a sorority. As a potential member you should realize that you are making a choice of permanent relationships throughout life. Your own idea of rating is as good as any other. Join the group that suits you. Do not be influenced by others. Your own decision is the only one to consider.

Please remember that some women who go through membership recruitment will not join a sorority. During membership recruitment 2017, 311 freshman women participated and 286 of the women were pledged (92%) and 31 upperclassmen participated in Formal recruitment and 24 (77%) pledged. Membership recruitment is a mutual selection process where the sororities are deciding on their future membership and the potential members decide on which sorority they want to join. This means when sororities are issuing invitations to Theme and Preference events some potential members will not receive an invitation to an event, and some potential members attending Preference events will not join a sorority. It is very important for women participating in recruitment to be open to all of our sororities.

 Membership recruitment is FUN. Relax and be yourself. Even though you may be nervous, the sorority women are just as scared as you. They want to make a good impression on you just as you do them. Go through membership recruitment with an open mind. Do not listen to rumors, be swayed by material possessions or make your choice before you come. Follow membership recruitment procedures carefully. If you have any questions, consult your Recruitment Counselor. Also, food and drink are not served at any of the recruitment events. Be sure to eat before attending the parties.

 At the conclusion of the last Preferential event, potential members must go to a designated area to sign their preference card. Potential members are encouraged to indicate first and second choice of sororities. After the preference card is signed and turned in, it is binding and may not be changed. If a potential member receives a bid from one of her preference sororities and does not join, she is ineligible to join another sorority for a calendar year. Only the written bids distributed by the Panhellenic Council are official. Any suggestion of a bid from a sorority member is to be ignored as no one individual member may speak for her sorority.

 The Panhellenic Council is always questioned as to whether women can go through membership recruitment and be a band member or athlete. You can participate in both activities; but, it is very difficult to do both, as both activities are very time consuming. If you are an athlete, you must talk to your coach about participating in membership recruitment and make sure that the practice schedule will allow you to participate. The Panhellenic Council tries to work the schedules of potential members who are participating in these camps so they miss a minimum amount of practice.

 If you receive a bid and decide not to accept, you may not participate in recruitment for one calendar year, and you may not participate in Continuous Open Bidding. We urge you to think very carefully before turning down a bid. Your emotions have a tendency to cloud your thinking and judgment. Please give yourself and the sorority a chance to prove you made the right choice.

 A recommendation is a letter of introduction from an alumnae of a sorority. Recommendations are the sorority’s responsibility to obtain. Recommendations are not a guarantee that you will receive a bid from a chapter. It is to your advantage to encourage alumnae you know to write a recommendation for you. Panhellenic does not have recommendation forms available nor can they obtain them for potential members.Alumnae may e-mail the chapters at the e-mail addresses below to find out how to get a recommendation form.

 Alpha Delta Pi
TROY Box 821104
Troy, AL 36082

Alpha Gamma Delta
TROY Box 820981
Troy, AL 36082

Alpha Omicron Pi
Membership Form

Chi Omega
TROY Box 821769
Troy, AL 36082

Kappa Delta
TROY Box 821004
Troy, AL 36082

Phi Mu
TROY Box 820185
Troy, AL 36082

1. You will want to carry a minimum amount of items to parties. We will provide you with a small bag (sandwich size) that will hold your keys, cell phone, ID, make up, etc. Print your name on the baggie. The Pi Chis will take those up during parties and give them back to you afterwards. Cell phones are not allowed in parties and must be turned to silent.
2. Please don’t chew gum during recruitment parties. It can be distracting to the person who is talking to you.
3. Carry an umbrella. The weather is often unpredictable and you will have to walk outside to get to your next party.
4. Please don’t wear heavy fragrances. It can be powerful in a crowded room on a hot day.
You may not want to plan on going home before classes start. Most sororities have formal pledging and/or other planned activities immediately after recruitment.