Sorority Scholarship


“There is a common belief that if a person is not learning, he or she is not growing. The mind has a great capacity for understanding and it is only through knowledge that the brain can push its self to great, unimaginable, unknown borders. The Philosopher John Locke believed that all human beings were born tabula rasa, their minds a blank slate that were colored in only once learning took place.

The transition into college is much like that blank slate. With the mistakes of the past somewhat erased and a new place to begin again, college is the time that learning matters the most. It is no longer learning what is demanded, it is learning what an individual chooses. And he or she must choose it again and again every single day. And that is what scholarship is- a gift that is worked for and earned each and every moment spent in the classroom.

What personally led me to Troy University and Kappa Delta sorority was my commitment to my own education. It was an alteration of place, people, and culture that I had never comprehended that I would be capable of. But what I found at Troy University was endless opportunity to learn not only what I wanted to do with my life but also who I wanted to be. Every minute I am engaged in the expansion of my mind is a moment that is colored in on my slate. And with every second of college I am watching it become a vibrant and intricate piece of art.

Kappa Delta acknowledged that my mind was changing for the better. They told me that it is a wonderful thing to put your education first and that scholarship has the capacity to redefine your world. Nelson Mandela once said that “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” My sorority and my school have epitomized these teachings. Our hearts and our heads chose learning when we acknowledge the power that scholarship has to change our lives for the better. "

–Olivia Walleser – Kappa Delta