Sorority Leadership

sorority life

“When I came in as a freshman I met several incredible leaders. Some were my new sorority sisters, some I shared a bond through Panhellenic, and all were woman with an incredible ability to communicate and be personable while casting beautiful visions for Troy University. In each leadership position I hold now I can point out what woman came before me that inspired me to pursue that position. Leadership is more than being the face of an organization; it's about being a great follower first- maybe doing behind the scene work that isn't out rightly noticed. I believe the best leaders are the ones that can stand firm on what they belief while understanding not everyone was brought up the same way and also the ones that can point out what they find important and how they can take that and run with it.

When I began working with the Open Gym Program through First Baptist Church of Troy I really looked up to the leaders running the organization. Now, as the college intern I am able to use the skills I saw through those leaders in how I now run the organization. One of the best things about Panhellenic is the common bond between so many diverse women. With such an array of woman in leadership positions it is so easy to find someone to learn from and develop your own leadership style from. I think it is important to find a mentor older than you that will be willing to answer questions and show you the ropes of different positions. Troy University gives you a great opportunity to get involved with different organizations and positions that maybe a bigger school couldn't offer. ”

–Shelby Scott – Phi Mu Sister