Greek Report

Explanation: The Greek Report is published each fall and spring semester to highlight the achievements of each Greek organization. This report is to show how the Greeks are performing in the area of academics, service to the campus and Troy community, fundraising for charities, to highlight chapter achievements and to give statistical information on the Greek population. The Greek Report is provided to the senior administration of the university, the national/international offices of our Greek organizations, chapter visitors who visit the campus and published on the Greek website for our members, alumni, potential students and parents to see. Also, we know that many chapters use this report to fill out their own national reports.

The information is also used by Order of Omega for the Dean’s Cup awards. We need the cooperation of every Greek group to provide an accurate account of chapter achievements. Dean’s Cup awards are awarded in the following categories: IFC fraternities, NPHC fraternities, NPC sororities and NPHC sororities.


General Information

Group Name*
Semester Reporting* Spring Fall
Name of Individual who Submitted Report* First Name
Last Name
Officer Position*
Email Confirm Email*
Mobile Phone*
Number of Members and New Members*
Chapter GPA*
Is chapter above the all Greek GPA?* Yes No
Is chapter above the undergraduate men’s (fraternity) and women’s (sorority) GPA?* Yes No
Percentage of Members who earned a 4.0 Semester GPA*
Percentage of Members below a 2.50 Semester GPA*