Campus Security

Safety & Security

Dothan Campus

Troy University Police are part of the Student Services division. All public safety services are coordinated with key University officials and Troy University Police. Police functions are handled by Troy University Police. Twenty-four hour patrol and services are provided with access to the Houston County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement support and fire and EMS emergency services are provided by the City of Dothan.

Coordination of Security

All reports of crime or suspected criminal activity at TROY-Dothan Campus should be reported to University Police in Malone Hall, room 121. University Police can be reached by cellular telephone at 334 685-1185. The switchboard operator also assists in receiving security messages. Operators can communicate with Troy University Police and emergency services as needed. Call extension 111 for the switchboard operator or 334 983-6556.

TROY-Dothan Campus officials and Troy University Police coordinate an effective response to crime reports with local and state law enforcement officials. A working relationship exists with the Houston County Sheriff's Department for assistance and coordination of investigations.

The switchboard operator monitors an NOAA Weather Alert Radio during office hours and the security officer monitors the NOAA Weather Alert Radio at all other times. A campus-wide alerting system notifies the Dothan Campus community of environmental and safety emergencies.

All emergency calls should be made to one of the following:

  • University Police cellular telephone (334-701-7280)
  • University Police (extension 21225)
  • Switchboard Operator (extension 21500)
  • Dean of Student Services (extension 21204 or 21206)

Security of Facilities/Equipment/Grounds

The University Police are also responsible for the safety and security of Dothan Campus facilities. Security personnel lock buildings at designated hours and secure facilities when not in use.

University Police are also responsible for patrolling the campus to deter criminal activity. Security personnel monitor parking lots and campus areas 24 hours a day.

Employees may return to buildings after hours. To enter a building, the employee must contact University Police. University Police will only allow entry into the employee designated work area. Entrance into other areas will be permitted only with the written approval from the department head of the area the employee requests to enter. When leaving the building, the employee is responsible for securing doors. Students are not permitted to enter administrative offices after they are closed. Security procedures are provided for the protection of the Dothan Campus community.

In addition to securing facilities, University Police are also responsible for equipment security. An inventory control system is in place to ensure no loss of equipment.

Dothan Campus property will not be removed from the campus without coordination by University Police and appropriate administrators.

Campus grounds are maintained to deter criminal activity. Routine trimming of shrubbery and trees is completed to provide a safe campus. Campus lighting is monitored continually.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention requires the cooperation of students, faculty, and staff in order to be effective. Employees and students can assist in the crime prevention effort by acting as the eyes and ears of the security department.

Students are given information about security during orientation sessions. Information concerning security is an integral part of the orientation process. Information such as criminal statistics, campus problem areas, and topics on general personal security is provided to heighten the awareness of entering students about the University environment. Memos and newsletters are used to inform employees of any security concerns.

Some guidelines for helping to deter crime are outlined below:

Dothan Campus Buildings

  • Avoid working or studying alone in a building.
  • When working late, make sure doors are locked.
  • Lock valuables in a cabinet or drawer. The open display of valuables frequently results in their loss.
  • Report lost keys or damaged locks immediately.
  • Do not prop open exterior doors or open for strangers after normal operating hours.


  • Always lock your car.
  • Have keys in hand ready to unlock car.
  • Before getting into the car, check the front and back seats for strangers who may be hiding.
  • Do not leave valuables in car.
  • Never leave keys in an unattended vehicle.
  • Park only in well-lighted areas at night.


  • Avoid walking alone at night whenever possible. Walk on well-lighted and well-traveled routes.
  • If you think you are being followed, change direction and head for bright lights and other people.
  • Never give the impression you would be an easy victim.
  • Keep a safe distance from strangers.
  • Don't enter an elevator with someone who makes you feel uneasy.
  • Plan ahead. Know what you would do if attacked.

How to Report an Incident

When calling University Police to report an incident, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Location of incident.
  • Description of the scene and suspects.
  • A description of any vehicles involved, especially license plate numbers.

University Police and Dothan Campus officials will investigate all reports immediately.

If you are assaulted or witness an assault, call:

  • University Police cellular telephone (685-1185)
  • Switchboard Operator (extension 111)
  • Dean of Student Services (extension 204 or 206)

Try to remember as much about the attacker as possible:

  • sex
  • race
  • hair color
  • body size
  • clothing description
  • scars
  • mode of travel
  • type of vehicle, color, and license plate number

Do not disturb any evidence.

If you see a suspicious person, call University Police immediately. Report the type of suspicious activity and provide a description of the subject(s) involved.

If you experience a theft, call University Police immediately. Do not touch or disturb anything at the scene of the crime.

Annual Security Report

Troy University Dothan Campus Annual Security Report is now consolidated with the Troy University Annual Security Report.

Important Telephone Numbers
TROY-Dothan Campus (334) 983-6556
University Police ext. 21225
University Police Cellular Telephone 334-701-7280
Switchboard ext. 21500
Student Services ext. 21204 or 21206
Emergency (Fire, Police, EMS) 911