Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification to the campus is accomplished in many ways. Below is a listing of the systems used to notify the campus in case of an emergency and to keep the campus informed during a crisis situation.



E2Campus is part of Troy University’s efforts to provide an accurate and timely information to our university community as a mass. With the E2Campus system Troy can swiftly notify anyone that has registered prior to an event. Troy can now inform constituents of unexpected events including:

  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • Alerts
  • Weather Advisories
  • School Closings
  • Class Cancellation
  • Significant Maintenance Events

The E2Campus system can instantly send notification to a subscriber through a number of devices. A list of supported devices follows:

  • Mobile phone (via SMS text message)
  • Blackberry
  • Wireless PDA
  • Text Pager
  • Personal portal (My Yahoo, iGoogle, or My AOL page)
  • RSS reader

In order to subscribe to the services, you must have a Trojan Email Account. Your Trojan Email Account credentials will provide access to the subscription page. One may change subscription information as frequently as desired. To subscribe go to sos.troy.edu and click on Subscribe to SOS, click on this link. You must enter you Trojan Email address and Trojan password. Follow the instructions on the next screen and fill in all information requested. You may also request an “email only” notification. No unsolicited messages or SPAM messages will be sent because E2Campus enforces a “ZERO SPAM” policy. 

SOS-Emergency Notification

SOS-Emergency Notification is a web page created and maintained by the Information Technology Department to post emergency notifications to the web. Persons may access this site by going to sos.troy.edu. Notifications on this web site include campus crisis, severe weather, technology outages, etc. This page is also used to share information and to keep the campus community up to date on any emergency situation. In case of a campus emergency or severe weather, a link will be placed on the home page directing persons to the sos.troy.edu page.

Call Burst System

Call Burst System is a means to notify a large group of people at one time utilizing the University telephone system. This system is similar to a reverse 911 system whereby a message is sent to multiple telephone lines in a matter of seconds. Presently, all Building Safety Monitors and several administrative offices are included in the Call Burst System. In case of an emergency, this system is activated to forward a message.

Building Safety Monitors

Building Safety Monitors are assigned to all buildings on the campus to include the residence halls. There primary monitors and alternates for all buildings. It is the role of these people to verbally notify classes and other groups of people in case of an emergency. These people assist in the securing of a building and the evacuation of a building if necessary.

Campus Siren System

Campus Siren System is a notification system that will be activated in case of an emergency. The sirens are located on top of many of the blue light phones. There are three distinct sounds that can be sounded from the sirens. One is a weather siren sound that mimics the county-wide weather sirens. These are used to supplement the county sirens in notifying the campus of approaching adverse weather. The second sound is simply a sound that notifies the campus that some type emergency situation or crisis has occurred. Students and others will receive a text or email message concerning the particulars of the situation. Students not have text or email available to them should contact a faculty or staff member or get on the web and go to sos.troy.edu for additional information. The last sound on the siren system is a series of short beeps that denotes an “all-clear” signal. Only after this sound has the emergency situation passed and the campus will be returning to normal operations.