Tornado Information

Safety & Security

Dothan Campus Tornado Information


The purpose of the plan is to provide a procedure to maximize the security of faculty, staff, students, and property in the event of a tornado.


A tornado is a rapidly rotating wind funnel in contact with the ground spawned by severe thunderstorms or hurricanes. Winds may approach 300 miles per hour. Their usual direction of travel is from southwest to northeast. The weather service uses a two-stage system to alert people to a tornado danger:

WATCH: Atmospheric conditions are conducive for tornadoes, although none have been sighted.
WARNING: A tornado has been spotted, visually or on radar.


Upon receipt of an Emergency Management Agency (EMA) broadcast stipulating a "Tornado Watch" or "Warning" for Houston County, the Switchboard Operator will notify the Public Safety Director or Public Safety Coordinator. The Switchboard Operator will monitor the weather radio and listen for further bulletins.

Upon notification by the Switchboard Operator, the Public Safety Director will take the following actions based on the type of alert.

Tornado Watch

University Police must be prepared to move employees and students to designated areas in the event of a "Tornado Warning" and be prepared in the event a tornado hits the facility.

Tornado Warning

University Police will move employees and students to designated areas. The designated areas are as follows:

Malone Hall

  • All second floor classes/office personnel must be moved to the first floor hallway near the Switchboard.
  • All first floor classes/office personnel must be moved to Admissions, Records, or Restrooms

Adams Hall

  • All second, third, and fourth floor classes/office personnel must be moved to the first floor. The refuge area is on the First Floor near the elevator
  • Individuals/personnel in the Early Childhood Center, Deli, and offices must move to hallway. Bookstore Manager will direct those in Bookstore.

Ft. Rucker

  • Shelter areas for Ft. Rucker students and staff are designated in plans directed by military and Ft. Rucker civilian employees.

Upon arriving in the designated areas, everyone is to crouch on their elbows and knees and put their hands over the back of their heads.

Everyone should stay clear of windows and exterior doors.

Individuals should leave vehicles and seek shelter in a building.

Any outdoor activities should be ceased and everyone moved inside.

The large areas of the Harrison Room, Deli, and Early Childhood Center should be evacuated and individuals moved to the interior hallways.

Everyone is to stay in the designated area until "All Clear" word is given.