Drug Policy

Safety & Security

Dothan Campus

Policy Regarding Illicit Drugs and Alcohol

The unlawful possession, use, consumption, manufacture, distribution, or dispensation of alcohol or controlled substances on TROY-Dothan Campus property, in the work place of any employee of TROY-Dothan Campus, or as a part of a TROY-Dothan Campus employee or student function or activity is prohibited. TROY-Dothan Campus Security and officials cooperate with local law enforcement agencies to enforce all local, state, and federal laws relating to alcohol and illicit drugs. The University's Drug-Free Workplace Policy Statement, distributed annually to employees and students, outlines the legal sanctions for breaking these laws, a description of the most common drugs and their side effects, and drug and alcohol education and treatment programs that are available.

Smoking Policy

TROY-Dothan Campus is a smoke-free environment with no smoking allowed in University buildings or in any classroom, lab, or office at any TROY-Dothan Campus location. Students taking classes at the Ft. Rucker location will be advised of the specific smoking areas.