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Schedule of Classes

Click here in order access the schedules of classes for all TROY locations.

General Studies Requirements

Not sure what to take for the next semester? View the Undergraduate Catalog to see the list of General Studies courses requirements that all students take at TROY to begin their studies. To see a description of a course, see the Course Description section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Parent/Student Newsletter

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Student Workshops

If you are a new student and interested in attending workshops on various topics such as registration, time management, study skills, effectively communicating with professors, student tutoring resources, or academic planning, call (334) 670-3221 for details or e-mail


Bringing organization to one’s life is never a bad thing. There are, however, challenges to start the process. We’ve put together a few resources that will help you on your journey.

Semester Calendar: Pulling together a semester calendar will provide you with a big picture of important events of which you will need to be aware. Click here to download a Fall 2018 Semester Calendar.

Weekly Planner: Once you have your semester calendar developed, you can begin breaking down the big requirements into smaller, more manageable assignments. These can be assigned daily or weekly. This blank weekly planner will provide you a with a starting point! We’ve also created a sample weekly planner for you. If we can help you develop your calendar, call 334-670-3221 to request help with ‘calendaring’.

Troy University’s Academic Calendar: This calendar is comprehensive among all Troy University locations. Individuals are advised to consult the calendar for a specific campus or site for information and dates.

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