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Purpose: Scholarship, Leadership, & Professional Commitment. An honor society of the International Reading Association Serving the fields of reading and language arts. Alpha Upsilon Alpha, the honor society of the International Reading Association, has as its purpose the recognition and encouragement of scholarship, the development of personal and professional leadership qualities and service to the field of reading-with special emphasis at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Patricia P. Fritchie, Ph.D.
Office in Adam’s Hall Room 112
Phone 334-983-6556 x 309

The Shrine of North America serves any child who is injured through burning, or crippling conditions. Burn or orthopedic patients birth to 18 years of age are qualified to receive treatments free of any charge through Shrine Children's Hospitals. To find out more about these services please contact one of the following:

Official Web Site Of Shrine Children's Hospitals
Patient Referral Lines: US 1-800-237-5055 Canada 1-800-361-7256

Established in 1985, it derives its name from the Greek words, "anagnosis" (reading), "Upotrophia" (scholarship) and "archon" (leadership). The motto of this esteemed society is "Lege sapere aude." Which translates, "Read, dare to be wise."

The Alpha Lambda Chapter was chartered at the TROY-Dothan Campus in 1992. In order to qualify for election to the Honor Society a student must have an overall GPA of 3.6 in all work attempted; must have completed with a grade of B or better one of the literacy courses in the School of Education; must have demonstrated service to the profession, university and or public school in the TROY-Dothan Campus service area; and must be recommended by faculty or current society member. Students who feel that they meet these requirements are encouraged to contact the faculty sponsor or their advisor for nomination to Alpha Lambda.

Past service projects have included books donated to the House of Ruth, readings in an area bookstore during peak holiday seasons, working with Wiregrass Reading Council with the Annual Young Author Conference and hosting a free seminar at the TROY-Dothan Campus featuring Dr. Patricia Koppman, Nationally published author and past president of International Reading Association.

For the Children! 3R Program: Reading on Roads To Recovery The service project for the academic years 1999-2001 is to furnish book bags at various grade levels to Shaddai Shrine Temple Transportation vans. These bags contain quality children’s books and travel games at appropriate age and grade levels of the children being transported to various Shrine Hospitals. At this time, book and game bags have been furnished for all of the grade levels K - 9. The focus for future book and fund drives will be on 10-12 grade level books and interactive games suitable for traveling. Book tapes and tape players have also been placed in each travel bag for children to listen to while being transported to and from hospital and treatment centers. Nobles responsible for escorting these small patients to and from have commented that these book, games and art activities have made a great difference in the children's comfort and enjoyment of their sometimes arduous trips.

Anyone wishing to donate books or travel games is urged to contact any society member or the faculty advisor. Boxes for book and game donations may be found in the Reading Center and School of Education office. The Shaddai transportation committee has asked us to remember that due to the nature of burn patients injuries and care, fuzzy or furry books and animals are not allowed.

The first of the book and travel bags (K-6th grades) were delivered to Shaddai Temple in May and June of 1999. Three travel activity bags were also delivered. Each of these contained interactive learning games, books on tape and art activities and materials. Travel activities for older students are still much in need. Book titles that are duplicates will be donated to Shrine Children’s parties or hospitals. While each of the donated book and game bags were complete there is still a need for donation of books and games at these levels to allow for variety and to replace worn or missing books.

In August of 2000 another presentation was made to the Nobles of Shaddai Temple for the transportation vans. Games and books in the four additional bags were for grade levels 6 through 9. As with the early grades the bags contained books, art activities and supplies as well as interactive games suitable for traveling.

Please consider donations to this worthy endeavor. The focus for the academic year 2012-2013 will be on the 10-12th grade level books and materials. Donations of books and games for younger grades will be also be accepted. Additionally, please consider becoming a member of this honor society to help us continue our work in providing service to our community, region, nation and world. If you are interested in society membership please contact chapter advisor, Patricia P. Fritchie at

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