Trojan Badminton Club

Trojan Badminton Club

Purpose: Badminton Club is dedicated to those students on campus who have a continuing interest in badminton. Students who wish to come are free to play the sport with friends on their own, or may ask any of the club board members for instructions and tips regarding the game. There is no need to worry about lack of ability; the students who have come to these joint-meetings vary greatly in technical skill. As a result, we are trying our best to provide enough courts to fully accommodate for the differences.

We here at Trojan Badminton Club hope that the student body may fully take advantage of this opportunity to try out this unique sport, and we hope that in the process of doing so, all of you may gain a deeper appreciation of the sport and of the fun it entails.

The purpose of Badminton Club is to provide opportunities to students interested in the sport of badminton. The club will help students increase their competitive skills and be able to participate in local tournaments.

Membership Requirements:
$10 – Racquets (Members brings their own racquets)
$15 – Non-racquets (Members will have access into the Club’s inventory and use our club racquets)

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Regular Meeting Time/Place
Every Friday, 4pm-6pm, Wright Gym.

Contact Info:

Chau Bui
Club email:

Margaret Gnoinska

Badminton Club
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