Event Guidelines for Student Organizations

Event Guidelines

Any potential violation of these Event Guidelines should be promptly reported to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, where it will be addressed pursuant to the Standard of Conduct.

Any individual student and any student group or organization that violates any of the provisions in the Event Guidelines or policies governing student conduct shall be subject to all of the disciplinary provisions of the Standards of Conduct and depending on the violation may also be personally subject to separate criminal and/or civil liability.

In addition to any disciplinary action by the University, student groups or organizations that are member organizations of either local or inter/national groups governed by inter/national organizations may also be subject to disciplinary action by those local or inter/national councils or groups for violations of these Guidelines.

I. Definitions

For the purpose of this policy, the terms listed below shall have the following meanings unless a different meaning is clearly indicated by the use of the term in the text.

  1. “Guest” shall mean a person who is invited by the student group that is hosting the event.
  2. “Member” shall mean those individuals who are considered actives, pledges, or associates in accordance with the student group’s constitution or by-laws.
  3. “Event” or “Social Event” shall be defined as any on-campus and off-campus event planned, sponsored, promoted or funded by a student group that is inherently social in nature, including any event sponsored by an alumni/alumnae/graduate group that is promoted by or held in conjunction with the undergraduate or graduate student group. Examples include, but are not limited to, band parties, date parties, predetermined social at a bar or tavern, iPod party, or predetermined social held in conjunction with another fraternity or sorority. (The scope of what is considered to be a social event is ultimately subject to the discretion of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.)
  4. “Student Groups,” “organization” or “student organization” means any group of students who have complied with the University’s formal requirements for recognitions as a student organization.

II. Registration of Events

  1. Conditions Requiring Registration
    1. Events to be registered with the Office of Student Involvement include, but are not limited to, the following:
      1. Band parties or any event featuring live or recorded musical entertainment;
      2. Swaps; formals; theme parties; step performances and other events as specified;
      3. Events involving 50 or more attendees in addition to the organization members;
      4. Events held past midnight;
      5. Events where food is distributed to the general public;
      6. Events utilizing an expansive area of campus property;
      7. Events creating potential traffic congestion; and
      8. Events presenting a potential health or safety hazard.
    2. The University reserves the right to limit the number of events requiring approved security personnel assigned by the Troy University Student Services based on the number of events scheduled at a given time. In addition, Troy University Student Services reserves the right to disallow any security personnel or vendor from operating on campus at its discretion.
    3. An organization required to contract a private security vendor for an event must do so in compliance with the Troy University Student Services.
    4. Registration with the Office of Student Involvement of an event is the sole responsibility of the student organization(s) sponsoring the event.
  2. Registration Process
    All events must be registered in person with the Office of Student Involvement, fourteen calendar days prior to the date the event is scheduled to take place.
    1. Events registered less than fourteen calendar days prior to their scheduled date may not be approved, regardless of the amount of money the group has already invested in the event. If an event registered after the deadline is approved to move forward, there is a minimum $5 fine for every member of the organization.
    2. For safety and security reasons, the University may, in its sole discretion, limit the number of registered events allowed to take place at one time on campus. In instances where multiple events are registered and the University deems it necessary to limit the number of registered events for a given time, appropriate events will be allowed to go forward in the order they were registered. Stated differently, the University will begin with the last event registered and begin denying events in reverse chronological order until the proper number of events is reached.
    3. The University also reserves the right to shut down or otherwise regulate any registered event if, based on information available at the time, University officials, using their discretion, feel that the event is being conducted in a manner inconsistent with the way in which it was registered and/or if a safety or security concern exists. If a group is found to be operating an event in a manner inconsistent with the way the event was registered, the group (and possibly individual members) will be referred to the Student Services Conduct Office.
    4. For any event at which individuals present are not members of the sponsoring organization(s), an accurate guest list must be maintained during the event and submitted to the Office Student Involvement no later than 72 hours after the event. If a proper guest list is not submitted within 72 hours, there is a $100 per day fine, up to a maximum fine of $500. Repeated failure to submit a proper guest lists may result in disciplinary action, which includes loss of social privileges, loss of preferred seating at University events, and/or referral to the appropriate conduct body.

III. Standard Restrictions for Events

  1. Days and Times
    1. Events with alcohol cannot last for longer than a four (4) hour time period.
    2. Multiple events with alcohol cannot be registered on the same day, without including a minimum three (3) hour break between the events (e.g. an event with alcohol beginning at 1:00pm and ending at 5:00pm, the earliest another event can be registered with alcohol would be 8:00pm).
    3. Multiple events occurring on the same day, but at different times require a separate registration and approval for each event.
    4. No event may be registered during the period of final exams for the fall and spring semesters, unless approved by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.
    5. No events may be registered when Troy University is closed during December.
  2. Guests
    1. Events sponsored by student organizations must be limited to members and invited guests with valid identification (ID). Individuals attending high school or younger are not permitted at registered events with alcohol.
    2. A sign shall be conspicuously displayed at all event entrances indicating the event is restricted to members and invited guests, stating ending time of the event, and that no glass bottles are allowed.
    3. Any form of public advertising off-campus to encourage attendance at social events is strictly prohibited. Campus advertising should indicate that a requirement for event admission is a valid Trojan Card for Troy University students or a valid driver’s license or other university ID for non-Troy University students.
    4. Student organizations must check and confirm that websites and other social media resources, such as those used by the musical act, are not disclosing any details on events hosted by the organization.
    5. Organizations must take appropriate measures to ensure that the crowd does not exceed fire code capacity specifications of the event venue. Organizations should work with Troy University to determine maximum capacity for each event based on the scope of the event and the locations at which the event will take place. Organizations must develop a plan with hired security to prevent attendance at event from exceeding maximum occupancy.
    6. All state of Alabama laws regulating loitering on University property apply at all on-campus events. The sponsoring organization, with the assistance of Troy University Police Department, will be responsible for identifying and dispersing loiters.
    7. All registered social events shall be by invitation only. Open parties are expressly prohibited. An “open party” shall mean the hosting or sponsoring organization has no desire to control who enters and participates in the event and/or does not have a reliable method to check IDs, maintain a guest list, or limit access by non-members.
  3. Decorations and Physical Facilities
    1. Any construction for events must be approved by the Event Management Office and must be in compliance with these Event Guidelines.
    2. No pools or slides of any type or size will be allowed at any time.
    3. Construction may begin no earlier than one week (7 calendar days) prior to the event.
    4. All front yard remnants/decorations from events must be removed from the property immediately following the event, and must be completely removed by 7:00 a.m. the morning following the event. Backyard remnants/decorations must be removed no later than 48 hours following the event. This paragraph applies to the removal of all materials involved in party decoration construction (e.g. sand, lumber, flags, front yard fences/tarps, etc.).
    5. Should the fire alarm go off during the event, the organization should immediately vacate the location. No one should be allowed back in the location until cleared by the Fire Department.
    6. All outdoor social events must be held within the enclosed area with a monitored entrance. Temporary fencing must be a minimum of four feet tall and must be constructed with fire-retardant/flame repellant material.
    7. Exits that are locked to keep unauthorized guests from entering the facility must be able to be opened from the inside in one turn or push against a panic bar. Doors or entrances that are padlocked or double-locked will be considered a violation of the fire code and events will be immediately shut down.
  4. Security and Law Enforcement Personnel
    1. Any organization hosting an event at which alcohol will be present must secure University approved security for that event. For events involving primarily organization members and where no alcohol will be consumed, the organization may request permission from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership to waive the security requirements. Depending on the nature of the event and the estimated crowd, University approved security may or may not be required for events without alcohol.
      1. A minimum of 2 University approved security officers are required for any event if alcohol will be present or if it is determined that University approved security be present.
      2. At least 1 University approved security officer must monitor the event’s main entrance at all times and at least 1 University approved security officer must be present and patrolling the event for the duration of the event.
    2. Organizations are responsible for maintaining control of members and guests at their events, including identifying and eliminating high risk behaviors. Organizations should notify Troy University Police Department of potential problems and/or legal violations. Appropriate emergency contact information must easily available on a visible bulletin board at the event.
    3. Troy University Police Department must be contacted immediately anytime law enforcement is needed to deal with uninvited guests who will not leave or if any of the following occur:
      1. A violation or suspected violation of the law;
      2. deployment of force (e.g. physical, pepper spray, etc.);
      3. injury(s) or other medical issues;
      4. a violation of any applicable University policy or procedure;
      5. the number of attendees at the event exceeds fire code occupancy limits or the estimated number of participants identified in the organizations event registration (whichever number is smaller);
      6. disabling or damage to a life-safety device (e.g. fire extinguisher, fire alarm, smoke detectors, emergency exit lights, etc. ).
    4. University approved security officers are prohibited from carrying firearms or any potentially lethal weapon.
    5. University approved security officers must be present at least 30 minutes prior to an event and remain at the event until the crowd disperses. University security officers should provide assistance to the organization to ensure that crowds disperse no later than 30 minutes after the event ends. Bands and DJs must stop playing at the event ending time.
    6. An officer within the student organization must be available to assist with access and be available immediately to the University approved security officers. This individual must be at least 21 years of age and must remain sober during the event.
    7. Organizations should meet with the University approved security officers who will attend the event prior to the event to go over the additional expectations for the event including access control. Organizations are responsible for assisting security personnel with uninvited guests and crowd control around the door.
    8. Student groups will be responsible for providing any specific instructions to University approved security officers; such information must conform to University policy as well as the rules, by-laws and requirements of any inter/national organization affiliated with the student organization.
  5. Structures, Inflatables, and Amusement Devices
    1. A “structure” is something that could be erected for use at an event and includes, but is not limited to, stages, boardwalks, tiki huts, canopies, viewing platforms, decks, temporary walls, bars, and bar tables. Lawn/house decorations or signs/banners to promote events are not considered structures.
    2. “Inflatables” and “amusement devices” are items designed for the entertainment of event participants and/or require physical strength, agility, or coordination. These include, but are not limited to, water slides/slip-n-slides, bungee run, Velcro wall, gladiator arena, dunk tank, mechanical bulls, bungee trampoline, and rock climbing walls.
    3. Inflatables and amusement devices are prohibited at all registered events where alcohol is present. If an organization will be using an inflatable and/or amusement device at a non-alcoholic event, it must be from a licensed and bonded third party vendor who will be present during the event and supervise the participants.
    4. Stages that will be used for the band/DJ will be contracted through the University. Minor structures such as tiki huts, bars, and bar tables may be allowed. Any other major structure must be purchased from and installed by an appropriate dealer or rental agency, or, alternatively, constructed by a licensed/bonded/insured contractor. Elevated surfaces, such as viewing platforms or decks are prohibited. Structures must be approved by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. If there is any concern about the safety of any structure, it must be removed immediately.
    5. All front yard remnants/decorations from events must be removed from the property immediately following the event, and must be completely removed by 7:00 a.m. the morning following the event. Backyard remnants/decorations must be removed no later than 48 hours following the event. This paragraph applies to the removal of all materials involved in party decoration construction (e.g. sand, lumber, flags, front yard fences/tarps, etc.).
  6. Other Requirements
    All organizations that have oversight from local, state, or inter/national governing bodies are solely responsible for complying with the requirements of those bodies.

IV. Swaps

In addition to the University’s requirements for events, the following also apply to any social event registered as a “swap” with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership:

  1. The participating student organizations must complete the Student Organization Event Planning and Notification Contract and submit it to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership when they register the event.
  2. No event shall be vulgar or offensive in theme.
  3. There shall be no inappropriate conduct that violates the law or University policies before, during, or after the swap, including hazing or sexual misconduct as those terms are defined in the University’s Standards of Conduct, Sexual Misconduct Policy, and Hazing Policy. Such inappropriate conduct may subject the individual(s) and/or organizations taking part in the conduct, as well as any individuals that allow or direct the conduct, to criminal and/or civil liability along with significant Standards of Conduct sanctions.
  4. No alcohol should be present at a swap event.
  5. Events are allowed to begin no earlier than 7:00 p.m. and end no later than 11:00 p.m.
  6. Any swap participant or attendee who appears noticeably intoxicated at any time during the event should be removed from the event immediately. If an individual is non-responsive or there is any alcohol or substance abuse related health concern, a call should be placed to 911 immediately.
  7. At least three (3) officers from each organization must attend each swap and remain sober while monitoring the behavior of the swap event attendees to ensure that a safe environment is maintained and the requirements set forth herein are followed.
  8. If it is found that a violation of law or University policy occurred at the swap, any student who committed the violation, directed the violation to occur, did not make a good faith effort to prevent the violation, or, if unable to prevent it, failed to properly report the violation may be found in violation of the Standards of Conduct and, depending on the violation, risks potential criminal/civil liability.
  9. If it is found that a violation of the foregoing occurred at the swap event, the participating organizations will each be assessed a fine and lose social event privileges that involve alcohol for one full Academic Calendar Year.
  10. Should it be found that an organization refuses to swap, or threatens to socially boycott another organization due to an organization being open to membership consisting of different races, colors, religions, national origins, sexes (including sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression), ages, veterans statuses, or disability will be referred to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership for adjudication and sanctioning.

V. Use of Alcoholic Beverages at Events

  1. Requirements of Sponsoring Organizations: A student organization that is hosting or sponsoring an event at which alcoholic beverages will be consumed shall comply with the following requirements:
    1. Comply with all noise limitations, ending or concluding times, event registration requirements, and all other applicable guidelines regulating events.
    2. Form a risk management committee with a minimum of four individuals that will remain sober at an event. They must be active members of the organization (i.e. no associates, pledges, or new members).
    3. Provide and make available throughout the event to members/guests water and other nonalcoholic (alternate) beverages as well as sufficient portions of snack foods to satisfy the members and guests expected to attend the event.
    4. Check ID’s and utilize wristbands to identify each member/guest in attendance who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older. Wristbands are available in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.
    5. Events at which alcoholic beverages will be present shall be sponsored, hosted or held on a “bring your own beverage” (BYOB) basis.
    6. During events, guests and members are not permitted to consume beverages contained in glass bottles or containers. Organizations will be cited if glass bottles are found to be in and around the event area.
    7. The sponsoring organization will comply and ensure all event attendees comply with applicable laws and University policies relating to the possession, distribution, and use of alcohol.
    8. The sponsoring organization will develop and implement appropriate training for all members of their organization on the Event Guidelines, University alcohol policies, and state/local laws relating to alcohol. The dates and a description of such training, including who attended and materials shared, must be provided to and approved by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at the beginning of each academic semester before an event involving alcohol is registered.
    9. Drinking games of any kind will not be permitted.
    10. All entrances and exits will be monitored at all time by security or the risk management committee.
    11. If someone becomes overly intoxicated, a member of the risk management committee will stay with the person and immediately seek professional help by dialing 911.
    12. The sponsoring organization must have at least one chaperone present at each party. The chaperone cannot be a recent graduate of the university (must have graduated at least 2 years prior), unless he or she is an employee of the university. The chaperone must commit to staying at the party for the duration of the event. The name and phone number of the chaperone must be submitted for prior approval. If the chaperone changes after the approval has been made, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership must be notified in writing. If a chaperone is not secured for the event in a timely manner, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership reserves the right to cancel the party.
    13. Any event that has an admission charge will be deemed fund-raising and require additional security. The organization is responsible for the expense of the additional security.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for taking the necessary steps to prevent uninvited guests and noticeably intoxicated people from entering the event; to prevent underage persons from bringing alcohol into the event; to prevent persons from leaving the event to drink, then being readmitted to the event; and to make certain individuals do not leave the event with open containers of alcohol.

The sponsoring organization must not only comply with the Troy University Event Guidelines, but must also comply with the guidelines of their National Organization.

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