Student Nurses Association, ASN


  • Counsel and assist students interested in pursuing a career in Nursing.
  • Actively assist with the retention of students in the TU Nursing Program.
  • Be a vehicle for student nurses and prospective student nurses to find out more information about the Nursing Field.
  • Assist with the dissemination of information regarding how to be successful in the TU Nursing Program.
  • Encourage continued education among TU-SNA members.
  • Identify and recruit upper level student nurses to be mentors to lower level students in need of guidance.
  • Stimulate a close, friendly, lasting professional relationship among TU-SNA members.
  • Promote and encourage participation in extracurricular activities that will enhance Nursing abilities and provide for the highest quality care.
  • Support the community series goals of Gamma Beta Phi (TU Honor Society) present in the TU School of Nursing.

Kerri Outlaw
111 Collegeview
(334) 808-6302

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