Appointment Policy

A primary goal of the Student Support Services (SSS) staff is to empower SSS students to become capable professionals. One important component of professionalism is effective time-management skills. Therefore, SSS has in place an appointment procedure designed to be fair to the needs of all SSS students.

  • Students are expected to be on time for appointments.
  • Students are expected to call to cancel and/or reschedule appointments as far in advance of the appointment as possible.
  • Students with standing appointments will automatically be changed to as-needed appointments status if they fail to keep one appointment without prior cancellation and/or if they cancel two consecutive appointments.

SSS staff desires to meet the tutorial needs of each student. In order to serve every student when he/she can be available for tutoring, staff members must carefully schedule appointments so that all students have reasonable tutorial time. Appointments are usually one hour in length once or twice weekly. Additional time will be scheduled only if the needs of other student will not be compromised.

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