Student Advisory Council

The Student Support Services (SSS) Student Advisory Council is composed of SSS participants who are interested in developing their leadership skills, engaging in community service, and having a voice in the delivery of SSS services. All participants are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Student Advisory Council. The SSS Counselor and Coordinator are the professional staff advisors to the Student Advisory Council.

The SSS Advisory Council meets the last Monday of each month that Troy University is in session to discuss participants’ concerns and recommendations for workshops, cultural /educational events, and other activities that support the SSS goal of helping students achieve academic success and independence through the pursuit of higher education and the acquisition of a university degree.

SSS students who participate in the Student Advisory Council gain valuable communication, planning and plan implementation skills that should profit them throughout life, as they gain the confidence to participate in community government and as they pursue graduate studies. Involved students then gain a true understanding of the University’s concept of offering students a “future of opportunities” as SSS students themselves engage in the planning of future events.

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