Student Application

Students wishing to apply to the Upward Bound Program can find a copy of the Application below. The first step in applying to Upward Bound is filling out the application and returning it to the high school counselor’s office or mailing it to the Troy University Upward Bound office. An application exists because there is not enough room in the program to serve all of the students who wish to come. Therefore, decisions are made based upon certain criteria.

Application Criteria

Demonstration of need (financial)

Upward Bound Program is 100% federally funded. It is a free program for those candidates whose family income falls below a certain level.

Demonstration of academic need/promise (through recommendations and/or test scores)

Students need not have exemplary academic records. Yet, demonstration of some form of academic success shows that a student has the ability and motivation to succeed in the program and high school with additional assistance.

Demonstration of college aspirations (through recommendations and interview)

Students should be considering pursuing post-secondary education after graduation.

Attendance at one of three Troy University Upward Bound target schools:

(incoming freshman, freshman, or sophomore preferred, consideration will be given to juniors)

  • Charles Henderson High School
  • Goshen High School
  • Pike County High School

Students who meet these criteria may download, complete, and submit the application form provided below.

Download the Application [PDF]

Contact Bridgett Anderson (Coordinator) or Ashleigh Johnson (Counselor) for more information.

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