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College of Health & Human Services
A degree from the College of Health & Human Services may be just
what the doctor ordered. Whatever your chosen field in the health
and human services industry— whether health-related, athletic training,
or social work—TROY will teach you the skills and the dedication to
service that will inspire your life of giving back to those in need.
The Sorrell College of Business
If a career in business is your aspiration, an education from the
highly regarded Sorrell College of Business will ensure your ability
to be valuable in the competitive and exciting global marketplace.
If you’re looking to learn the skills necessary for a successful career
and life, the SCOB will guide you on your path.
College of Communication & Fine Arts
Whether your niche is in music, theater, dance, modern languages
and communications, or writing and journalism, the quality
programs in the College of Communication & Fine Arts can put
you in tune with your muse and turn your passion and talent into
a career!
College of Arts & Sciences
From equipping you for a career in criminology or environmental
protection to keeping you up to date on computer technology,
TROY’s College of Arts & Sciences has just the program for you.
One of the most dynamic colleges in the University, the College
of Arts & Sciences will give you a modern, quality education
that will prepare you to excel in
your chosen field.
Ivy J. and Tonya M., Proud Alumni,
Successful Business Leaders,
Lifelong Friends
Nicole P., Alumnus,
Chief Financial Officer
Alumnus Clint P. works in sales for
the world’s largest plastics recycler.
Brad A., Alumnus,
Certified Registered Nurse Prac
Meet fellow students and find study
resources at the online Trojan Café.
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