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One thing that we needed was classes that
would adjust to our schedule and work within
the parameters of our lifestyle. The great thing
about it was we could either take our courses
together, or we could take them separately, and
it did not alter how we took care of our boys.
—Phlice & Keith
Married, Working Parents
Master of Public Administration Alumni
We believe higher education should serve a higher purpose.
When you choose TROY, you’ll be making a commitment to
use your unique gifts, education, and life experience to make
your community—and the world—a better place.
The professors...have passion about what they're teaching.
I feel that TROY is preparing me for my next mission. After I
get out of school, I've got to go back to work...and I feel that
I'’ll be better prepared. TROY is a place we'll come back to.
TROY is a community, and it's become a home.”
—Lt. John P.
Married, Father of Four, Active Duty Military
Political Science Student
I see the differences, the unique programs Troy
University offers to students. Faculty members
really try to make the connection with the
students in a way that delivers knowledge.”
—Dr. JeeHae Lee
Professor, College of Education
Ivy J. and Tonya M., Proud Alumni,
Successful Business Leaders,
Lifelong Friends
Nicole P., Alumnus,
Chief Financial Officer
Alumnus and Alabama Teacher of the Year, Phil Rodney Wilson
Alumnus Clint P. works in sales for
the world’s largest plastics recycler.
Brad A., Alumnus,
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
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