Website Redesign 2019

The Troy University Website

The TROY website should encourage and develop audience interest and serve as an engagement platform, developing long-term relationships across our entire user base. Additionally, it should maintain and promote the strong reputation of TROY.

Our goal is to transform TROY’s externally visible website(s), creating an experience that:

  • Excels in comparison to those of other institutions.
  • Provides current, engaging content free of duplication and conflict.
  • Is easily navigatable and understood.
  • Is optimized to raise TROY in search engine rankings.
  • Drives engagement.
  • Can be updated by key leaders.
  • Reflects quality control and timeliness at appropriate levels.
  • Meets / exceeds accessibility guidelines.

We can achieve this goal by unifying the online Troy University experience under a single website at

  • The TROY website ( has a primary goal of external recruitment and communication. Maintaining this external focus is key to the success of this platform in speaking to prospective students, families, alumni, peer institutions and other external stakeholders.
  • The TROY intranet ( is a collection of resources whose primary target audiences are employees and currently enrolled students. This site presents a unified approach to the interfaces for administrative systems such as Web Express, student self-service tools, the Office 365 suite, event management tools, and similar systems.

What's Happening Now

December 5 - Launch – Production CMS Open for Editing

Following training, the production CMS re-opened for editors to review and style their assigned pages. The CMS will remain open and marketing will be on call to assist.

Need More Help?

Members of the Marketing and Communication team are available to assist you. Dedicated marketing support locations and times for December and January will post here as they become available.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 11 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. - 3rd floor Conference Room, Adams Administration
  • Wednesday, Dec. 12 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Executive Conference Room, Adams Administration

For information on the new TROY content management system, you can view or download a copy of the End-User Reference Guide. Additionally, a recording of the most recent on-site training session will be available on this site early next week.

Samantha Johnson, Director of Marketing - (334) 372-3635
Joshua Yohn, Director of Web Communication - (334) 372-0494

Every site begins with content

Faculty and staff members assigned to this project by members of the Website Advisory Team are the life’s blood of this project. This team of content creators reaches across all of the TROY family. Having recently completed a content management system (CMS) training to learn the basic ins and outs of the University’s new web-updating system, team members now have more access than ever before to the tools needed to help promote their departments and fields of expertise.

CMS Training

View the training video for Troy University content management system end-users. This video covers the basics of working within our our CMS and managing page content View the initial training video for users of the shell content management system. This video covers the highlights of navigating the shell CMS and managing page content. For additional help working within the shell CMS, please contact us.

Click here to download a step-by-step guide for completing updates in the production CMS.


Website Advisory Team

The Website Advisory Team was formed on August 22, 2018. Members of the team were charged with championing user engagement with the website and content management system, overseeing the content evaluation and migration process and communicating with internal stakeholders.

  • Gen. Walter Givhan, Chair – Web Executive Leadership, Advancement and Economic Development, Military
  • Donna Schubert – Marketing and Communication
  • Samantha Johnson – Marketing
  • Joshua Yohn – Web Communication
  • Dr. Jim Bookout – Business and Financial Affairs, TROY Online, Information Technology
  • Michael Foster – Information Technology
  • Buddy Starling – Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Don Jeffrey (Sandy Henry) – Dothan Campus
  • Ray White – Montgomery Campus
  • Dave White (Ms. Alexandria Travis) – Phenix City Campus
  • Dr. Steven Taylor – College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Larry Blocher (Dr. Ben Robertson) – College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims – College of Education
  • Dr. Denise Green – College of Health and Human Services
  • Dr. Judson Edwards (Sven Aelterman) – Sorrell College of Business
  • Dr. Mary Anne Templeton - Academics

What We’ve Accomplished

  1. Research and Strategy (COMPLETE)

    Research and Strategy has been a key part of the website redesign process. We conducted an internal web communications survey, identified TROY website properties to better understand our digital footprint, reviewed and interviewed peer institutions, reviewed award winners and evaluated partners to assist in the process.

  2. Information Architecture (COMPLETE)

    Information architecture is the practice of organizing, structuring and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. What this meant for TROY was developing an intuitive and simplified navigation structure for our website navigation. Several information architecture workshops were held to gather input and feedback from across the University. Additionally, user testing was completed with representation from faculty/staff and current, prospective, international and military students.

  3. Visual Design (COMPLETE)

    A new look and feel has been developed for This new visual design leverages modern styling and best practices.

  4. Development and Quality Assurance (COMPLETE)

    The new University website templates have been developed and tested extensively. This includes a priority focus on creating a fully accessible website that caters to all users.

  5. Front-end Code Handoff (COMPLETE)

    The front-end code has been provided to our content management system (CMS) vendor. We are in active production, turning the new website designs into functional CMS pages.

  6. Create Content Migration Maps (COMPLETE)

    A key step in this process is the evaluation of content, making sure that pages are targeted toward the appropriate audiences. University websites were broken out page-by-page, and reviewed by the website advisory team and affiliated TROY faculty/staff.

  7. Develop Full Sitemap (COMPLETE)

    A fully redesign website navigation structure was developed, along with the creation of search engine optimized URLs. This allows for TROY content to be presented in an easily navigable fashion to website visitors and search engines.

  8. Shell/Production CMS Setup (COMPLETE)

    The new content management system powering the TROY website was setup in two separate instances. The shell CMS allows for the editing of core website content while development on the production CMS is ongoing. Content from the shell CMS will be migrated to the production CMS when development is complete. Final visual and content edits will take place on the production CMS prior to launch of the live website.

  9. Content Cleanup on Shell CMS (COMPLETE)

    TROY website content migrated into the shell CMS. MarCom, vendor partners and users across the University edited and updated the content and pages that will make up the core of the new at launch.

  10. Templates Built into Production CMS (COMPLETE)

    The newly designed website templates developed in the visual design phase of this project have been built into the production CMS.

  11. Migration of Content from Shell CMS to Production CMS / New Templates (COMPLETE)

    Edited and updated content in the shell CMS migrated to the production CMS for final revisions and visual styling.

  12. December 5-6 – Production CMS Training

    OmniUpdate hosted training sessions on the Troy Campus and through WebEx.

What’s in Progress and Upcoming

  1. Governance (In Progress)

    Governance outline is being created to guide oversight/approval plans following training and post launch

  2. Review of All Pages Possible for Appropriate Styling of Content and Elements (12/5-until)

    A final review of pages and content is in progress to ensure accuracy and appropriate visual styling for the most pages possible prior to launch.

  3. Launch! (Upcoming 1/22)

    Launch the newly redesigned and content-managed website. Even after launch, continuing updates and edits will be required to make sure our website is the best it can be.

  4. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates (Upcoming 1/22 until)

    Continue to update pages for appropriate visual styling. Monitoring of content for accuracy, accessibility, brand alignment and general timeliness.