Georgia Muscogee Co.

Dear Cousin,

After my long delay it is with the depest feeling of gratitude and love that I now take up my pen to inform you of our health we are all well with the exception of the measels.  And hopeing when these few lines comes to hand they will find you and all of the family enjoying good health.  Cousin I hope you will pardon me for not writing to you before this as William and Henry have been very sick with the measel's and we have also four-negroes dowun with the measel's at this time.  So that I have not had the opportunity of writing to you untill to day.  Cousin I have nothing new nor strange to communicate to you more that Mr. Safrington and his lady spent the night with us on their return home.  Cousin I attended the great western circus that you were speaking off.  But I had not the opportunity of seeing you their as it was late when we left and we had to hurry home.  Cousin I was very glad that the gentlemon did not ask for your heart for I did not wish for you to take a cirket yet awhile.  Tell Miss Sarah that I told John what you requested me to tell and he was so much delited to think that the girls thought enough of him to put his name in their letters that he hardly could contain himself.  And has said for the last week or twoo that he must rearly must go and carry that Book Oh that Book is such a fine excuse for Johny  John is well and is in high spirits and has gon to towun to day to dress himself out  so girls you may look out in a week or two.  Girls I must stop writing about John or I will not have any rume to write any thing else.  Cousin I have been looking for you and Miss Sarah to come and spend the week with Terressa she says that she is very disireous to see you and Miss Sarah.  You wrote to me that you had looked for me till your eys were sore but tell Mrs Burns that I will come as soon as I can make it convenient and that she must come also.  Terressa sends her love to Mrs Burns and Miss Sarah and except the same to yourself you must excuse my short and unteresting letter as I am crouded with sick ones.  Cousin you and miss Sarah must write to me every opportunity.

N. Sapp

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