Guide to the Martha E. Carlile Collection, 1800s - 1986
Record Group 214

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Biographical Sketch: Martha E. Carlile (nee Wright) was born in Ashford, Houston County, Alabama, in 1926, to John r. and Susie Wright (nee Davis). She and her identical twin sister, Mary Deyhle (nee Wright) were the youngest of seven children. A brother, Henry, was a soldier in the US Army who was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.

Carlile married James Earl Carlile in 1947. They had three daughters: Sherri Ann, Mary Ellen, and Kimberly.

Carlile worked as a professional business accountant beginning in 1945, and in the later 1950s partnered with Charles Adams to purchase Segrest Cotton Gin (Dothan, Alabama) and Malvern Cotton Gin companies. The Segrest Gin was at the corner of Fortner Street and South Park Avenue. She and Adams sold both gin companies between 1966 and 1969 after a reduction in US cotton tariffs made it more profitable for brokers to buy Egyptian cotton than Wiregrass cotton.

In 1972, she obtained her real estate broker's license and joined her husband, Earl, at Carlile Realty. She retired ca. 1980. As of 2016, Mrs. Carlile lives in Dothan where she celebrated her ninetieth birthday.

Ms. Carlile supplied these family photographs and documents to be scanned as part of the NEH- funded "Wiregrass Common Heritage Project" of the Wiregrass Archives and Troy University Dothan Campus History Department. The Project held two Community Scanning Days, June 18 and 25, 2016. Ms. Carlile was part-owner of the Segrest Gin Company in Dothan.

Scope / Content Note: Photographs concerning Ms. Carlile and her family through 1960. Many show her family members working at the Segrest Gin Company of Dothan or doing road or train work in the Dothan area. Others show her great-grandmother and many of her paternal relatives. Also contains photos and newspaper ads concerning the Segrest Gin Compnay of Dothan. One image (1976) notes Ms. Carlile won a prize at the National Peanut Festiveal for her pine-straw basket entry; another is of a National Peanut Festival parade. Mrs. Carlile and her daughter Mary Ellen selected these images from the family's larger collection to contribute to the Wiregrass Common Heritage Project. Received in two accessions, 213-16-0618, and 213-16-0625.

Processing Notes: Image 214-16-0625-005, the advertisement from the Dothan Eagle concerning Segrest Gin Co., was so large the WCHP volunteer scanned it in thirds. Olliff reconnected the images into a single JPG for display. The original TIFs remain.

Preferred Citation: Martha E. Carlile Collection, RG 214, Wiregrass Archives, Troy University Dothan Campus, Dothan, AL.

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Jimmy Clark –cleaning gin head. Segrest Gin, Dothan, Alabama. Ca. 1960.


Segrest Gin, Dothan, Alabama, ca. 1960.


Martha Carlile, Segrest Gin, Dothan, Alabama. Ca. 1960.


Zeke Brunner 1955 or 1960, Segrest Gin and storage on Fortner (Charter House). Dothan, Alabama.


Mary and Martha Wright. Printed on reverse: "Bottom left, Mary and Martha Wright, interested in physical activities are prominent on the tennis court at Junior High." Ca. 1940


John R. Wright, First Baptist Church on College Street, ca. 1940


John R. Wright, Road Work ca. 1940


John R. Wright, Bayline Railroad, ca. 1940


Twins- Mary Wright (Deyhle) and Martha Wright (Carlile), ca. 1928


Article and photos from Dothan Eagle 1976. Best entry in miscellaneous crafts. Martha E. (Wright) Carlile, first on the left (pine straw basket entry). Houston County Arts and Crafts Festival, 1976.


Segrest Gin & Storage Co, (Cotton Gin). Fortner Street, Dothan, AL. ca. late 1950s – early 1960s


Jimmy Clark, Segrest Gin & Storage Co, (Cotton Gin). Fortner Street, Dothan, AL. ca. late 1950s – early 1960s


Segrest Gin & Storage Co, (Cotton Gin). Fortner Street, Dothan, AL. ca. late 1950s – early 1960s


Ad from Dothan Eagle. Segrest Gin & Storage Co, (Cotton Gin). Fortner Street, Dothan, AL and Malvern, AL. Owners: Martha E. (Wright) Carlile and Charles H. Adams. ca. late 1950s – early 1960s


Collection of cotton seed. Segrest Gin & Storage Co, (Cotton Gin). Fortner Street, Dothan, AL. ca. late 1950s – early 1960s


Cotton buyers with owner, Martha E. (Wright) Carlile. Segrest Gin & Storage Co, (Cotton Gin) Fortner Street, Dothan, AL. ca. late 1950s – early 1960s


Dothan Eagle article with a photo: Young Junior High School, Dothan AL. Dothan's Young Junior Baby Tigers and Cheerleaders. Ca. 1960.


Article published in the Orlando Sentinel, with photo. "Finger-licking politicking – Reagan pushes tax cuts." President Reagan and Dothan Chamber of Commerce. President Reagan and Louise Cramer. Date: 1986.


National Peanut Festival Parade, Dothan, AL. ca. 1962


Henry Emerson Davis, Jr. and Bryant Davis. Martha E. (Wright) Carlile's grandfather & uncle. Dothan, AL. Book "Dothan. Our people. Our story" Vol. 1, page 56. Ca. late 1800s.


J. D. Wright (Martha E. (Wright) Carlile's brother), fourth from right, is shown at Postal Telephone Service, a company like Western Union. Foster Street. Book "Dothan. Our people. Our story" Vol. 1, page 102. Ca. 1929.


Susie Diana Wright (Davis), wife of John R. Wright, Martha E. (Wright) Carlile's mother. n.d.


Martha E. (Wright) Carlile & Mary E. (Wright) Deyhle (twins), daughters of John R. and Susie D. Wright. Dothan, AL. ca. 1926.


Lewis Martin Wright – Martha E. (Wright) Carlile's Great Great Grandfather. Ca. 1800s.


John R. and Susie Wright Family. Left to right:

John David (J.D.) Wright (son)

Irell (Mixon) Wright (daughter)

Mathew Wright (son)

Susie (Davis) Wright (Mother)

John R. Wright (Father)

Martha E. (Carlile) Wright (daughter)

Mary E. (Deyhle) Wright (daughter)

Adelle (Carney) Wright (daughter)

Dothan, AL. n.d.


Henry T. Wright, son of John R. & Susie Wright. Army – died in WW II (1940s).

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