Rep. Terry Everett Congressional Office Records

Record Group 329

Table of Contents

Series: Chairmen's Central Subject and
Correspondence Files 1939-1972
Series: Chairmen's Financial
Records 1957-1972
Series: Director's Subject and
Correspondence Files 1938-2005
Series: Director's Financial
Records 1973-1979
Series Quick Reference
Files 1938-1996
Series: Still & Moving Images
Series: Artifacts | Series: Scrapbooks


Scope and Content Note

The Everett Congressional Records contain approximately 195 cubic feet of material that document Rep. Everett's activities as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for the Second District of Alabama, 1993-2009.  His records cover the committees on which he served, his work on bills concerning agriculture, defense, veteran's affairs, appropriations, and other political and policy issues of his tenure in office.  Also documents his interaction with and advocacy for his Alabama constituents, and those political activities required of his office.  In addition to office records, this collection includes personal and administrative correspondence, legislation, records of interaction with the White House, campaigns, text of bills, books and reports, media interaction, and news- paper articles / op-ed pieces penned by and for Mr. Everett.

    Collection organized into 5 series:
  1. Subject Files, 1993-2009
  2. Constituent Files, 1993-2008
  3. Sub-series: Correspondence from Constituents to Office
  4. Sub-series: Correspondence from Office to Federal Agencies
  5. Media Files, 1992-2008
  6. Publications Received
  7. Miscellaneous, 1992-2008

Arrangement Notes:  The office arranged Subject Files according to a key created and edited by Chief of Staff Clay Swanzy, and kept these files in the office filing system for one year past their date. After one year, the office delivered Subject Files to the National Archives.  The office arranged Constituent Correspondence, which staff called "Alphas," alphabetically by personal name and kept those files in the office filing system for two years.  All Washington, DC, Office files (except those for 2008 and 2009) were sent to the National Archives Record Center in Suitland, MD, then transshipped to the Wiregrass Archives after 2002.

Processing Notes: The processing staff at the Wiregrass Archives sampled some Subject Files to reduce bulk while retaining evidential value of the records.  The file-level inventory indicates which files were sampled.  The staff sampled Constituent Files to reduce bulk, protect privacy while enabling access, and retain evidence of how the office handled constituent business.  Series descriptions carry more information about how staff did this sampling.

Series Descriptions

Series 1  Subject Files, 1993-2008,  Extent:  ca. 161 cubic feet

Documents Rep. Everett's committee and subcommittee service and his interaction with offices in the federal bureaucracy.  Also documents his interests in political and economic policy and issues.  Contains reports, research materials, white papers, legislation, correspondence, memoranda, etc.

Arranged by subject key provided by Chief of Staff (Clay Swanzy to 2005, thereafter Wade Heck).  Keys contain ca. 16-22 subject areas further divided into sub-areas.

Series 2  Constituent Files, 1993-2008  Total extent:  ca. 11.5 cubic feet

Documents interaction between Rep. Everett's Washington DC office and his constituents in AL-2.  These are individual letters, usually asking for Mr. Everett's assistance with a federal office as well as Everett's office correspondence with appropriate federal agencies to resolve constituent issues.

Series 3  Media Files, 1992-2008  Extent:  ca. 8.4 cubic feet.

Documents Mr. Everett and his positions on issues of the day.  Contains materials issued from Mr. Everett and his office (e.g.: interviews on VHS and press releases) as well as information about Mr. Everett (e.g.: newspaper clippings).

Contains newspaper columns and press releases written by Mr. Everett's office, VHS and audiotapes of news interviews with and stories about Everett, and an extensive set of newspaper clippings about Everett, gathered by Magnolia Clip- ping Service.  The clippings cover 1992-2008, and are identified by newspaper , place, and date.
Columns and releases arranged by year.  Clippings arranged chronologically, often by month.  VHS and audiotapes arranged by date.

This series appears primarily in Accessions 329-08-1117 and 329-08-1208.

Series 4  Publications received by Everett's office.  Extent:  100 items

Published reports on a wide variety of Congressional and policy topics such as

NAFTA, veterans' affairs, military issues, and national security issues.  Includes Hearings, Reports, House Resolutions, mostly from the House Armed Services Committee and House National Security Committee of the 103rd – 110th Congress.

Specific topics covered include Veterans Affairs, military branches, Defense Reauthorization Acts, China, Iran, Iraq, Atomic Energy Defense, Space Power, Hurricane Preparedness, the attack on the USS Cole, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This series appears almost exclusively in accession 329-08-0226.

Series 5  Miscellaneous, 1992-2008 Extent:  ca. 12 cubic feet.

Much of this material appears to parallel the Subject Files, though the folders themselves are not labeled according to the keys for that series.  Almost all of this series came from Mr. Everett's personal office in his Washington DC congressional office, and are either his personal reference files or are files from the subject file series that he pulled for research purposes.  Topics covered are of great interest to Mr. Everett and include Republican Party politics, Republican campaign and legislative initiatives, information on Alabama state politics, agriculture (particularly farm bills and peanuts), veterans' affairs, and the military.

Contains correspondence, speeches, reports and background information sent to Mr. Everett, research files, bill mark-up, and hearing transcripts.

Arranged roughly by topic, though files are not necessarily sequential.  These files appear mostly in accessions 329-08-1202, 329-08-1208, and 329-09-0056

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