Frequently Asked Questions

Any student enrolled at TROY Campus of Troy University can make use of the resources at the Writing Center at no cost to the student. The university provides our services for your benefit.

If you let us correct your paper, you won’t learn anything; therefore, we won’t do your work for you. We will, however, go over your paper with you and show you how to make corrections.

No. You can usually walk in and find a tutor available. However, if you ever visit and find all the tutors busy, you can either wait (usually no more than 10-15 minutes) or make an appointment for a later time.

Bring a copy of your assignment and a draft of your paper. If you’re still in the brainstorming stage, bring a copy of the assignment and notes of your ideas, and we’ll help you develop those ideas. A typed copy of your work is useful if you are in the editing stage of writing.

That’s up to you. We will send a copy of your visit form with you if you need to provide that information to your instructor.

No. We do not guarantee any grades. In fact, our goal is to help you improve your writing, not just your writing assignments. However, as your writing improves, so should your grades.

If you will make your appointment a day ahead, someone will meet you at a time convenient for you. You may also email any questions or comments you have to

If you are a TROY Online student (or attend another location) and need assistance online, go to the Trojan Café in Canvas and click on the Online Writing Center. There you will find directions for submitting your writing.

You can visit us on the Troy Campus at 124 Eldridge Hall; call us at (334) 670-3305; e-mail us at

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