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There’s no getting around it, education is the heart of Troy University’s College of Education. In preparing future educators, counselors, administrators and sign-language interpreters, the COE stresses the importance of learning with an academic experience that spans well beyond the classroom.

The outstanding faculty members in the COE provide real-world experience that makes classroom learning come alive to students. These dedicated faculty care about individual students and work hard to ensure their success.

Whether you are just starting your college career or looking to take the next step in academia, the COE has a place for you. If teaching is the route you choose for your future career path, TROY offers a variety of education programs.

From elementary, secondary, and adult education, Troy University offers a variety of academic programs to prepare the future educator.

Even those who are already educators looking to advance their careers can find a place in one of the College of Education’s Master of Science in Education programs.

Students interested in entering the counseling or psychology profession can find a home in the COE’s undergraduate psychology program or one of the graduate Master of Science in Counseling programs. Those interested in learning American Sign Language and becoming interpreters for the deaf/hard of hearing can find their home in the COE’s interpreter training program. If the COE is your college of choice, you can be certain to receive a hands-on educational experience that will prepare you for whatever your next step may be.

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