Important - Please Read Carefully

*Residence Halls will close on Wednesday, December 09, 2015 at 5:00p.m. for students not graduating. Make your departure arrangements now.

*Graduating seniors may remain in the halls through Friday, December 11, 2015 at 2:00p.m.

Final Procedures Before Checking Out:

  1. A check out signup sheet will be posted on your resident assistant’s door. Please sign up for a check out time at least 1 day before you wish to check out, in order for your RA to inspect your room for neatness, cleanliness and/or damages. (Please do not wait until the last minute to sign up for a check out time). See the R.A. on your floor to check out. Sign up sheets will be posted after Thanksgiving. Should you checkout prior to Thanksgiving see your RA and check out properly.
  2. In order for your room to be considered clean, you must sweep, vacuum and/or mop the floor, remove all trash, close windows, turn A/C Heater unit off, turn all desk and overhead lights off. If you have a mini-fridge, remove all contents from micro-fridge and clean it out. Stoves, refrigerators and bathrooms (if in suite style room/apartment) must be cleaned thoroughly as well. Also, if you have a bathroom be sure to clean the toilet, sink, mirror, shower/tub.
  3. Sign your Room Condition Form and turn your key in to your R.A. before leaving. Residents are not allowed to keep keys.
  4. No, you do not have to take all of your items home during the Christmas Holiday Break; however, you are responsible for cleaning your room properly before you leave and return your room key. Also be advised that neither Troy University nor the Housing Office is responsible for any items left in your room during the break. Please take precautions to secure all valuable items before you leave.
  5. If you have been approved for cancellation for the 2016 Spring Semester, you may not leave any items in your room. Check before you leave, any items left in the room will be discarded. The University is not responsible for items left in your room over the break.

Fines are as follows:

  1. *$50.00-$250 fine for Failure to Return Room key at Checkout price depends on building you reside in.
  2. *$50.00 (each) fine for Failure to Clean Room/Bathroom
  3. *$50.00 (each) fine for Failure to Clean Mini-Fridge or Stove/Refrigerator. Residents are expected to remove or clean their personal refrigerator if left in the room. No food may be left in the refrigerator over the break.
  4. *$50.00 (each) fine for Improper Checkout. Any of the following apply: An Improper Checkout is not checking out, not signing room condition form, leaving key with someone other than your R.A. or leaving after the time deadline.

INTERIM HOUSING 12/11/15-1/1/16:

If you would like to stay on campus during the holiday break please come to the Housing Office between 11/30/15-12/09/15 to sign up. The cost for interim housing during the break is $300 which will be added to your Spring 2016 student account. You are still required to checkout properly with your RA but you will be allowed to keep your room key. You will also need to check-in properly in January. If you have an approved cancellation for 16SP you cannot stay on campus during the interim break.


Check-in dates/times for the 2016 Spring Semester are January 2-5, 2016 (Saturday-Tuesday) 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. daily. If you cannot check in during these dates/times, Housing must be notified (no later than 01/05/16 by 12:00p.m.) via email at to avoid fine or loss of room. Classes begin Wednesday January 6, 2016.

All students must be registered for at least one Troy campus class in order to reside on campus. For questions, contact the Housing Office at 100 Shackelford Hall or call 334-670-3346.


Cancellations: If your cancellation has been approved for the 16/SP semester due to withdrawal, graduation, internship or housing approval you will need to remove ALL items from your room (no exceptions) at checkout, any items left will be discarded.

Move Requests: will be taken on Monday January 4th should space permit. Requests are not guaranteed as space is very limited.

Meal Plan: Last day to change meal plan for 16SP is January 11, 2016. Changes are made at the Housing Office. No changes will be made after January 11th.


**Remember You Must Be A Registered Troy Campus Student To Reside In The Residence Halls**

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