Housing and Dining Frequently Asked Questions

All students who have not reached the age of 19 by the last date of regular registration for the fall semester must reside on campus, if not commuting from home residing with parents. The commute must be within a one-hour commute.
Students may reside off campus with grandparents, brothers or sisters that may live locally. A letter requesting this must be submitted to the housing office from the parents stating they are requesting permission for their son/daughter to reside off campus with their grandparents or older son or daughter. The letter should state the name of the person they would be residing with, the relationship to the student and the address. This letter is submitted to the Director of Housing, Mr. Herbert Reeves for approval. There are special circumstances in which the student may have a legal guardian. This should be documented and accompany the request. The student when granted permission will fill out an off campus card with the address they will be living at and submit it to Housing for clearance of any holds. This living arrangement would be for that academic year (fall & spring semesters).
All students that reside on campus in a residence hall that does not have a kitchen in the room are required to purchase a meal plan. The residence halls that do not require a meal plan are Pace Hall, Hillcrest House, Paden House, Honor’s Cottage & Greek Houses.
Students are given the opportunity to use and analyze their meal plan through the last day to drop/add a course without financial penalty. Meal plan changes are made at the Housing Office, located in Shackelford Hall, Room 100. A form is provided for this purpose. All changes must be done on this form and by the deadline. Students may contact the Housing Office for the specific date.
Opportunities are given each semester to swap. “MOVE DAY” begins the first day of class and lasts for about one week. Students may move from one room to another or to another building providing there is space for them. Students desiring to move should see the Building Director of the hall they are interested in to inquire what spaces are available. The director will be glad to assist them with this if space is available.
Students may get on a waiting list for this purpose. Students interested should go to the hall(s) they are interested in and sign up for the waiting list with that particular hall(s). Placement is done by this waiting list. The waiting list is long and does not guarantee a move to the desired building. A student should not expect to be placed in this type housing their first semester. Waiting lists are compiled at the beginning of each semester when the residence halls open.
The Housing Office will make every effort to accommodate students that may have special needs for housing, provided the Housing Office is notified in advance of their arrival.
The Housing Office will try to honor requests for roommates when space permits. When empty rooms are not available, every effort is made to put students in the same dorm or on the same floor to make moves or “swaps” easier on “MOVE DAY”. A student who does not request anyone for a roommate will be assigned at random with someone as close to their age as possible. If roommates are not compatible they may move on “Move Day”. All parties involved in a move must be in agreement to the move. No one is forced out of a room.
The Resident Assistant on your floor is there to aid in any conflict resolutions students may have. Contact your R.A. or Building Director, they will be glad to assist you with any problems you may have with roommates. If problems are serious the Coordinator of Residence Life or Housing Director should be contacted by the R.A. to evaluate the situation.
Remember, most likely you will share this room with another student. You will need linens for a regular twin size bed, pillow, comforter or bedspread and a blanket or quilt. A jacket, umbrella, small first aid kit, medicines such as aspirin, antacids, etc. flip flops for community baths and things that make your room you. See the Info section for a list of suggested items to bring and not to bring.
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