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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Why Pursue Your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree at TROY

We understand that this nation’s complex healthcare environment requires you to have the highest level of scientific knowledge and nursing expertise to assure high-quality patient care and meet expectations for certification. That’s why TROY’s DNP program enables nurses like you to become expert leaders and collaborators in solving health problems. This program also infuses the nursing community with qualified educators.

Nursing Leader works in Hospital
“I would recommend the TROY program to others. They are committed to helping their students succeed both personally and professionally. Their curriculum is well-organized and the faculty/staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.”
Kristen Williams | Bachelor of Science in Nursing '12, Doctor of Nursing Practice '17

An Accredited Program That Fits Your Nursing Career Path

If you are interested in a terminal degree in nursing practice, this program is designed just for you. Post-BSN and post-MSN options are available for you to pursue, and TROY’s DNP program offers two advanced clinical specialization tracks:

  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Nurse leader

Troy University’s School of Nursing is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals, regardless of whether you choose to pursue your DNP as a full-time or part-time student.

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Prepare for Advanced Careers in Nursing on Your Time

Every course required for the DNP is available online, following on-campus orientation to prepare you for success. Concerned about your scholarly project? You will be assigned a faculty member who will be your mentor, a trusted teacher and a supporter who will help you navigate your degree requirements.

The DNP program prepares you for a variety of leadership roles, including:

  • Clinical practice and teaching to improve patient care outcomes
  • Director of clinical programs
  • Executive positions in healthcare organizations
  • Faculty positions
  • Manager of quality initiatives
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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Curriculum

Academic Catalog

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree Maps

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

We are here to help you navigate your way into our DNP program. Complete admissions information and degree requirements are available in the current Troy University Graduate Catalog available online at and from the School of Nursing. For information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Nurse Faculty Loan Program

Troy University School of Nursing (SON) has federal funding through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for graduate nursing students through the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP).  Funding is available for students enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Priority for funding will be given to those students who are currently enrolled in the post-MSN option in the DNP program.

The NFLP provides funding to accredited schools of nursing to offer loans to students enrolled in advanced education nursing degree programs who are committed to becoming nurse faculty. In exchange for full-time, post-graduation employment as nurse faculty, the program authorizes the cancellation of up to 85% of any such loan. NFLP funding can make graduate school more affordable for those students planning to become full-time teaching nursing faculty following graduation. This program is contingent upon ongoing federal funding and therefore subject to change.

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Careers in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Nursing jobs for graduates with a Doctorate of Nursing span far and wide. TROY's DNP program will allow you to further your career in the healthcare field.

Faculty Profiles

Djuana Burns, DNP

Djuana Burns, DNP

Dr. Djuana Burns is an Associate Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include pediatrics-asthma, diabetes, hypertension, nursing leadership and urgent care. Dr. Burns' clinical focus is family practice.
Holly Carter, Ph.D.

Holly Carter, Ph.D.

Dr. Holly Carter is an Associate Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include primary care practice, nutrition/blended tube feeding, ethical issues in nursing practice, healthcare policy and nursing leadership. Dr. Carter's clinical focus is family practice, pediatrics and ear, nose and throat.
Kelli K. Cleveland, DNP

Kelli K. Cleveland, DNP

Dr. Kelli Cleveland is an Associate Professor of nursing. Dr. Cleveland's clinical focus is family primary care and case management.
Gypsy Glover, DNP

Gypsy Glover, DNP

Dr. Gypsy Glover is an Associate Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, evidence-based practices to improve patient outcomes and colon cancer screening services. Dr. Glover's clinical focus is gastroenterology.
Lenetra Jefferson, Ph.D.

Lenetra Jefferson, Ph.D.

Dr. Lenetra Jefferson is an Assistant Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include complementary approaches to chronic disease management, student persistence and student success. Dr. Jefferson's clinical focus is adult health nursing and medical-surgical nursing.
Shellye Vardaman, Ph.D

Shellye Vardaman, Ph.D

Dr. Shellye Vardaman is a Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include nursing education, acute care, adult health, nursing workflow, leadership and informatics. Dr. Vardaman's clinical focus is adult health nursing, intensive care unit and medical-surgical nursing.
Stephanie Lewis, Ph.D.

Stephanie Lewis, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephanie Lewis is a Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include vulnerable populations, end-of-life care, nursing moral distress, neonatal intensive care/pediatric nursing issues, reflective practice (action research) and nursing education. Dr. Lewis's clinical focus is neonatal intensive care, pediatric nursing and health promotion.
Barbara Miller, Ph.D.

Barbara Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Miller is an Associate Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include adult health and veterans health. Dr. Miller's clinical focus is adult health.
Latonda Paymon, DNP

Latonda Paymon, DNP

Dr. Latonda Paymon is an Assistant Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include asthma, attention deficit and hyperactive disorder and childhood obesity. Dr. Paymon's clinical focus is pediatric nursing.
Felicia Renales, Ph.D.

Felicia Renales, Ph.D.

Dr. Felicia Renales is an Assistant Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include childhood obesity, diabetes, mental health and wellness, health promotion and nurse leadership. Dr. Renales's clinical focus is emergency medicine and acute care and health promotion and wellness.
Sherry Seibenhener, DNP

Sherry Seibenhener, DNP

Dr. Sherry Seibenhener, is an Assistant Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include women’s health, breastfeeding, mental health and well-being, obstetrics, nursing education and health literacy. Dr. Seibenhener's clinical focus is family, women and psychiatric-mental health.
Jennifer Wilson, DNP

Jennifer Wilson, DNP

Dr. Jennifer Wilson is an Assistant Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include breast cancer genetics, obesity management, diabetes, and bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Wilson's clinical focus is family practice and hormone replacement therapy.
Diane Young, Ph.D.

Diane Young, Ph.D.

Dr. Diane Young is an Associate Professor of nursing. Her main research interests include end-of-life nursing care, nursing education, psych/mental health issues, workplace incivility, dementia and legal/ethical issues in nursing education. Dr. Young's clinical focus is adult health, hospice and medical-surgical nursing.

Tailor Your Doctor of Nursing Practice with a Specialization

Broaden your career opportunities by choosing a specialization that fits your career goals.
Family Nurse Practitioner DNP

The Family Nurse Practitioner DNP at TROY helps you learn skills that will assist you with providing services for individuals and families throughout their lifespans. This advanced degree can assist you in research that will help you provide better care to your patients no matter their age. A DNP degree is especially rewarding for those who enjoy developing long-term relationships and getting to know people over time. 

Nursing Leadership DNP
TROY's Nursing Leadership Doctor of Nursing Practice equips accomplished nurse leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead complex, ever-changing organizations and healthcare systems. The DNP provides flexible online courses to assist the needs of working students while allowing for collaboration with colleagues and faculty. 
Post Master of Science in Nursing DNP
TROY's Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP (post-master’s) degree program will assist nurses who are excelling in their field to transform them into nurse leaders to meet the needs of the global nursing community. This DNP program seeks to assist in your continued development as a nurse and researcher to provide the highest quality health care for patients, families, communities, and populations.

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FAQ About the Doctor of Nursing Practice

Learn more about the field of nursing and our graduate program.
How do I apply to the DNP?

On the Graduate Application, you will be prompted to choose a location. There you will choose “Online Nursing MSN/DNP” as your location and your program of choice.

What are the clinical requirements?

All students enrolling in a clinical nursing course must have current, written documentation of the following clinical requirements:

  1. Current unencumbered licensure as an RN for the state in which you will be having clinical experiences.
  2. Professional liability insurance purchased through Troy University or a carrier designated by the graduate faculty.
  3. Annual physical exam with TB skin test.
  4. Results of serum titers for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella, indicating immune status.
  5. Evidence of immunity to Hepatitis B or proof of beginning vaccination series.
  6. Evidence of Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) vaccination within the past 10 years.
  7. Proof of BCLS certification (ACLS certification is acceptable).
  8. Verification of current health insurance.
  9. Negative drug screen certified by LabCorp Laboratories prior to first clinical course.
  10. Clear criminal background check.

All evidence documents must be valid from the time of registration through the end of the semester.

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The Alabama Nurses Foundation, Dr. Bernita Hamilton and Dr. Brenda Riley have joined forces to provide an endowed scholarship for DNP students.

ANF, former School of Nursing leaders join forces to endow DNP scholarships

A newly endowed scholarship will provide support to Doctor of Nursing Practice students to support health care in Alabama.

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