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The New York Times College Readership Program

About the Program

Reading on contemporary issues is a primary way to be informed on global topics, current events and social issues. To that end, TROY campuses in Dothan, Montgomery, Phenix City and Troy have participated in The New York Times Readership Program since 2009. Through the program, free copies of The Times are distributed across each campus for faculty and student use. Additionally, trainings for faculty are offered each semester on effective strategies for using the paper in class.

Using the paper as an instructional tool can:

  • Connect academic concepts to real world applications and issues
  • Increase awareness on local and global issues
  • Promote critical thinking
  • Demonstrate the importance of global literacy and informed citizenship

Also, faculty can encourage outside of class reading of The New York Times by requiring or encouraging students participation in Times Talk – a weekly discussion series offered on the Troy Campus on current events and topics from the paper. More information on Times Talk can be found here.

Below you are encouraged to explore the resources of The Times:

Times Topics (archival material on more than 14,000 subjects dating from 1981 – present)

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