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As a part of Troy University’s ongoing efforts to Create a Culture of Reading, we began offering Times Talk as an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to engage in discussions on current topics from articles in The New York Times. Faculty lead a one hour topical discussions for students and the campus community on current topics using articles from The New York Times. Discussions will be limited to 25 students and free pizza will be provided by The New York Times. This is a PASSPORT approved activity.

Times Talk is sponsored by Troy University’s First-Year Studies program and The New York Times College Readership Program.

Times Talk began in 2009 and to date over 800 students, faculty, and staff members have attended the sessions. Times Talk is advertised on campus through Trojan Today, announced in classrooms, and by signs posted on campus. Topics have included social networking, the Middle East, saving the country’s education system, and making college relevant, to name just a few.

Times Talk takes place Wednesdays during the Fall and Spring semesters from 12pm – 1pm in the Trojan Center, Room 119. To sign up to lead a discussion contact: Jonathan Cellon, Coordinator of Learning Initiatives, at jcellon@troy.edu, ext. 6349.

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Faculty: How Times Talk Works:


  1. Select a date (see Spring 2014 schedule)

  2. Select an article. Article selections can be from any publication and any date of The Times. When looking for articles by subject, consider using the Times Topics feature online at http://www.nytimes.com and clicking the Times Topics tab at the top. This reference tool gives you online access to Times articles published since 1983.

    Many facilitators have used articles that are a year or two old. Some have gone back as far as five and ten years. With any selection, particularly older ones, facilitators are encouraged to make the article and materials relevant for students.

    Also, facilitators are encouraged to go beyond prominent current events. While speaking on dominant international and national issues is obviously a goal of Times Talk, it is not the only goal. The series is designed to be an opportunity for students to hear, learn and discuss a variety of newsworthy topics and look at current events beyond just the “front-page” stories. So while Afghanistan, the economy and the presidential race may be dominating the pages of the paper, we don’t want students to miss out on the opportunity to discuss other critical items of the day. Therefore, choose articles from your discipline, your experiences/hobbies, your social concerns, etc .

  3. Notify us of your selection. After selecting your article, notify Jonathan as soon as possible. We can work with folks all the way up until Tuesday, the day before your selected day to facilitate. However, Times Talk works best when you get your selection in at least three days before your schedule date. This allows for broader marketing and promotion to students.

  4. Know the day of logistics. Times Talk begins at 12:00 PM in the Trojan Center when students arrive, get their pizza and begin reading your selected article. At 12:15 or so, we introduce you and the floor is yours until around 12:45 when we wrap up and allow students to head to classes. Also, please notify us of your preferred method of facilitation (open discussion, PowerPoint, easel, supplemental video, etc) before your scheduled day to facilitate.

  5. Be creative in your facilitation. The best Times Talk sessions get everyone involved and allow all students to understand the context of the topic. Connect the content of the article to global and local issues and how they affect us. Using technology is encouraged, but please inform us beforehand so we can make sure all technical components are in working order.

Spring Times Talk 2014 Schedule


Schedule Coming Soon

Students: How Times Talk Works


Times Talk begins at 12:00 p.m. every Wednesday in Trojan Center, Room 119. Students will arrive, get their pizza and begin reading the selected article. At 12:15 p.m. Jonathan Cellon will introduce the speaker and the speaker will start the discussion for the day. At 12:45 the speaker will wrap up and allow students to head to class. Some speakers will have open discussions, PowerPoint, easel, supplemental video, etc. Times Talk sessions allow everyone to get involved and allow all students to understand the context of the topic. The speaker connects the content of the article to global and local issues and how they affect us.

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To SIGN UP to lead a discussion contact:
Jonathan Cellon – Coordinator of STUDENT Learning initiatives
(334) 808-6349 | jcellon@troy.edu

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