Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown


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Chloe Brown

Hometown: Helena, Alabama

The Art of Books

I’ve had that same interest ever since I was a young child, books and art. Most people would believe that books and art do not go together, they reside on opposite ends of a spectrum with books being intellectual and art being spiritual. I disagree, I believe that books and art are interchangeable. I believe that books are art. But in order to explain this, one must ask themself, what is Art?  

Art has no singular definition, yet is somehow divided into art forms. At the same time not everything is considered an art form, so there must be some set of rules that must be met in order to be considered an art form. I believe there are three rules one can use to determine whether an object is considered art.

The first rule is that the art form must have a history that encompasses multiple cultures. The second rule is the art form must have its own specific set of materials and techniques that are used in its creation. The third rule is that the art form must contribute to society, whether it be positive or negative.



The Art of Books in Video

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