Ciza Taylor

Ciza Taylor


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Ciza Taylor

Hometown: Alabaster, Alabama

The New Normal

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, gripped the world in the beginning of 2020 and brought quick, significant changes to social norms. These new changes include social distancing and mask wearing. The goal of my thesis is to push these changes even further and make the viewer ask, “What if?”.

The loneliness felt throughout quarantine and lockdowns have been felt worldwide. These quarantine measures caused isolation from friends, family, and even strangers on the street, but the changing social norms have also caused the sensation of isolation. Social distancing and mask wearing have lowered our ability to socialize. The possibility of having to wear a HAZMAT suit in the future drastically lowers these abilities even more.

The mundaneness of the tasks being carried out in the HAZMAT suit adds to the monotony felt in the midst of loneliness and isolation. Capturing daily tasks in these suits will show the new normal.



Two people shopping in HAZMAT suits.
A crowd social distancing inside of a chapel, all wearing HAZMAT suits.
A classroom with students wearing HAZMAT suits.
A family wearing the suits in a car.


A couple laying on a blanket in a park wearing suits.
Two people sitting outside of a pastry shop with suits on.
Two people wearing HAZMAT suits on a bed, one is working on homework and the other is laying down while playing on the phone.
People at a park wearing suits.


A family of four sitting at a table eating, all wearing HAZMAT suits.
Three people decorating a Christmas tree wearing suits.


People playing in HAZMAT suits.


Person cooking food in HAZMAT suits

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