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David Sanders


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David Sanders

Hometown: Troy, Alabama

Trojan Shield: 3D Printed Face Shields

In response to the increasing case rate of Covid-19, I found it important to create a brand of face shields that would give people additional facial protection during this pandemic. Trojan Shield along with many other face shield brands is striving towards creating a more socially normal environment that everyone is happier in. Face shields allow visibility for verbal and nonverbal communication whereas face masks limit these verbal cues that we need to communicate efficiently.

The goal of the Trojan Shield brand is to provide Troy University with another option of facial protection that is unique to Troy and allows normal social interaction to take place inside and outside of the classroom. Wearing a face mask has interrupted social behavior by making it difficult to understand and recognize one another. Face masks also are not comfortable to wear for long periods of time because they make it difficult to breathe, fog up glasses, and increase anxiety. I would like to eliminate these problems that people are having with wearing a face mask by providing a safe alternative option with the Trojan Shield.



Red face shield attached to grey cap
Red face shield that wears like glasses
Red face shield that rests on neck
Armor up Troy! Two face shields with Trojan Shield logo in background.


Armor up Troy! Cap clip with Trojan Shield logo in background.
Armor up Troy! T-shield with Trojan Shield logo in background.
Trojan Shield Cap Clip spec sheet with boy wearing the cap clip face shield.
Trojan Shield - Gladiator spec sheet with man wearing red face shield.


Trojan Shield – T-shield spec sheet with the components and man wearing the t-shield.
Female nurse student wearing t-shield face shield.
Man wearing face shield while working.
Two women working and wearing the Trojan Shield.


Man in white shirt wearing gladiator face shield and looking to the right.
Girl wearing mask and holding up the Trojan Shield.
Two young men wearing both the Trojan Shields. Boy on left wears the gladiator shield and the boy on the right wears the T-Shield.
Girl with curly hair wearing the gladiator face shield.


Boy with ballcap wears the Cap Clip face shield.


Trojan Shield V1 Animation


Trojan Shield Assembly


Cap Shield Assembly

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