Lingyi Zhang

Lingyi Zhang


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Lingyi Zhang

Hometown: Huaian City, Jiangsu Province

The promotion of women's social status

The series and website were created to bring more attention to the changing and improving status of women in society. It introduces women who have moved away from traditional gender roles and redefined their roles.

The theme this time was inspired by a conversation with my best friend. The result of this conversation made me feel heartache, because there are still many women around me who hope to live by relying on men, without their own thoughts.

Through infographics and posters, the site expresses the rise of feminine consciousness and resistance, women's own efforts to become leaders and gain social recognition, but also the challenges women face in the workplace today. Three interviews are included that directly address the status of women leaders and the difficulties they face.



Infographic of woman role change.
Columnar Infographic of Female Leadership.
Infographic of inequality in women's work as a bar chart.
Infographic of inequality in women's work.
Infographic of inequality in women's work as text.


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