Trinity Singleton

Trinity Singleton


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Trinity Singleton

Hometown: Fort Knox, Kentucky

Bold Canvas

My senior thesis project took off because of my interest in makeup, art, and a need for equal representation of skin color. Makeup companies have only recently started to get serious about making complexion products for women of all colors, however there are still people mixing products together so that they can apply their makeup. I created Bold Canvas not only to challenge makeup companies to continue creating makeup for people of all shades, but also to bring out the inner artist young women around my age.

For many women including myself, makeup is something we use for fun and to get ready for the day. I think of makeup as a way to express my creativity and I wanted to express that creativity through the package designs. I hope that the bold colors and interesting packaging draw people in and make them wish this were a real company.



Bold Canvas foundation in the shade Ivory .
Bold Canvas Eyeshadow palette with neutrals and cool colors.
Bold Canvas lip tint in the shade mauve.
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