Global Scholars Program

Global Scholars Program


Focused on developing the international awareness and global preparedness of students, the Global Scholar Initiative will complement the existing University Honors and Study Abroad programs with a globally focused, major-specific track developed within, and by, each of the University’s five academic colleges. 

The goal of the program is to enhance global awareness of students interested in completing the University’s Global Scholar Initiative. The initiative will train select cohorts of students to become more globally aware, and therefore more globally prepared to pursue careers or graduate opportunities in an international environment. 

One of the most important aspects of the Global Scholar Initiative, which also serves as the point of commonality across each of the University’s five academic colleges, involves adding to Study Abroad opportunities a focused research (or discipline-specific professional project) component conducted in an international setting under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Although many study abroad opportunities are currently available for TROY students across all academic colleges, one goal of the Global Scholar Initiative is to transform those opportunities by grounding them into more meaningful international research opportunities. TROY aims to enhance students’ capacity to engage in scholarly research and intends to do so by creating situations that permit them to work under the guidance of qualified faculty members, and conduct research in an international and intercultural context. This will help students obtain a higher-level academic understanding of their discipline, thereby developing their employment potential with an international experience that is grounded in systematic scholarly endeavors.

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