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The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Global Scholars Program is designed to enhance cultural, global, and international competency among the University’s College of Arts & Sciences students who are interested in furthering their own international awareness and global preparedness.


Global Scholars, First Cohort (Fall 2021)

Program benefits include:

  • Designation of Global Scholar appearing both on student diplomas and transcripts attesting to the graduate’s international awareness and global preparedness.
  • Meaningful international travel experience for the purpose of research abroad in the student’s chosen field of study.
  • Regular interaction with international students on campus at Troy University.
  • Strong relationships with mentors here at Troy University, which will produce highly trained graduates with the connections needed to compete for jobs and funded graduate programs.
  • Early registration privileges, allowing CAS Global Scholars to register in the first group of students.

Additional information and a link to the application form can be found on the program website at


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“ Becoming a part of the CAS Global Scholars Program has been one of the best decisions I have made throughout my educational career. The Global Scholars Program is a fantastic way to integrate yourself with what Troy University has to offer, such as travel abroad opportunities and opportunities to meet new people and make new connections, some of which can turn into great friendships. From personal experience, it is overwhelming to begin college without having any idea of where to start, either academically or socially, but the Global Scholars Program not only set me on the path to academic success but also allowed me to meet some of my closest friends that I have here in Troy. - Yair Reyes-Lemus Becoming a member of the CAS Global Scholars Program has been one of the best decisions I made since coming to Troy. As someone that came from out of state and struggles to easily get involved, it has provided me with the framework necessary to not only travel abroad, but to also meet other like-minded students who share my interests. Despite it being a requirement, I've especially enjoyed getting my hours of interaction with foreign exchange students in, as it's helped me to create friendships that transcend borders -- far more of them than I expected. The program's expectations have never felt like a chore, and I'm proud to say I'm involved and was able to be in the first batch of Global Scholars for the College of Arts and Sciences. - Mason Morris ”

Yair Reyes-Lemus, Mason Morris  |  Computer Science, Class of 2025

Charles Taylor

“Traveling abroad was the most formative experience during my time at Troy, both in terms of my academic career as well as my personal development. I came from a lower socio-economic background, but the financial aid available at the International Office enabled me to travel to India, Nepal, and China during my undergraduate education. The education I received abroad and the relationships I made with professors leading study abroad programs equipped me to produce competitive applications to graduate programs at the University of Alabama, Florida State University, and Harvard University. All of the programs I applied to have now offered my full tuition waivers and yearly stipends. I credit my time abroad, and Troy’s assistance in making it happen, as a large part of my success in this regard.”

Charles Taylor  |  History Major with a Minor in Philosophy & Religion, May 2021

Program Requirements

Requirements for Fall 2023 entering Freshmen

Requirement 1

Specified General Studies courses with an international or cultural (I/C) emphasis, chosen from Areas II & IV, are listed below. Other courses can be used as substitutes with the approval of the directors of the CAS Global Scholars Program. 

Area II General Studies Courses

(Students will select three classes from this list under the direction of CAS-GS advisors)

  • ENG 2205 OR ENG 2206 World Literature 
  • MUS 2240 World Music Cultures
  • ART 2250 Survey of Art History I
  • ART 2251 Survey of Art History II
  • IDS 2200 International Engagement Seminar
  • PHI 2204 Ethics and the Modern World
  • REL 2280 World Religions

Area IV General Studies Courses 

(Students will select three classes from this list under the direction of CAS-GS advisors)

  • HIS 1122 AND HIS 1123 World History
  • ANT 2200 Anthropology
  • BUS 1120/1121 The Global Challenge
  • GEOG 2210 World Regional Geography
  • POL 1101 Politics and Popular Culture
  • POL 2260 World Politics
  • POL 2270 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • REL 2280 World Religions
  • SOC 2275 Introduction to Sociology 

Requirement 2: 

Research abroad and associated preparatory and follow-up activities as directed and approved by program mentors and directors.

Requirement 3: 

A 3000- or 4000-level methodology course selected and approved by program mentors and directors aimed at preparing the student to design and conduct research abroad.

Requirement 4: 

CAS Global Scholars will complete a minor in Intercultural Competency OR a Foreign Language. 

(This requirement is waived for students enrolled in a CAS program, such as Biology/Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Electronic Engineering Technology, Marine Biology, or Surveying and Geomatics Sciences, that requires more than 36 credit hours.)

Requirement 5:

Directed International Service Learning to foster regular interaction with international students at Troy University. CAS Global Scholars must complete at least 50 service-learning hours before graduation through activities arranged or preapproved by the directors and mentors of the CAS Global Scholars Program.  

The requirements for students who began the program prior to the Fall of 2023, can view the catalog description here.

For additional information, contact the  chair of the program:

Dr. Brandon Stewart, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department




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