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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Health Center?

All currently enrolled students are eligible for health services. The services are not extended to spouses, children or other family members.

Where is the Health Center located?

Student Health Services is located on the 1st floor of the Trojan Center.

What services are offered?

Any student desiring student health services should report to the Health Center and sign in. Students are encouraged to call ahead and make an appointment.  University students are assessed by a health professional and evaluated and treated by a Nurse Practitioner. All services are confidential. No information can be released to anyone without the student’s written consent.

How is the student charged?

Office visit charges are based on the evaluations and management of the patient. Lab services and medicine costs are kept as minimal as possible. Student Health Services operates on a fee for service basis with charges based on the "usual and customary charges" approved by the insurance industry. A current student ID card must be presented at each visit. Any charges will be filed on the student's insurance,  or charged to the student’s account in the business office.

What about insurance?

The Health Center accepts most insurance coverages, and will file insurance as a courtesy to the student. The student is responsible for any co-payments and medical services/fees not covered by their insurance.

What if a student needs help after hours or in an emergency?

Troy Regional Medical Center offers emergency services locally. Their phone number is 670-5000. For non-emergency services after hours or weekends, Pri-Med type facilities are located in Montgomery or Dothan. The student is responsible for any incurred charges.



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