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Medical History

Medical History and Immunizations

Students attending on-campus course(s) with the Troy campus (T01 location) of Troy University are required to complete the Student Medical History Record and present verification of required immunization dates before registering for classes. Two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine are required for students born after December 31, 1956. Also a tuberculin skin test (PPD) is required within the last 12 months. Students with a positive skin test reading must have a chest X-Ray. Positive chest X-Rays are referred to the University Physicians.

In the event that a student cannot provide required medical documentation at the time of registration, Student Health Services may issue a temporary medical clearance which enables a student to register for classes with the understanding that he or she must provide required medical records within two weeks following registration. Students who do not provide missing documentation will have a restriction placed on their account and will be unable to register for future terms with the Troy campus until required information is provided to Student Health Services. The MMR and PPD vaccination can be administered at Student Health Services at the student's expense.

International students applying to Troy University and seeking a student VISA, regardless of home location, will be required to complete the Student Medical History Record as above with verification of two doses of MMR vaccine and in addition, submit evidence that active tuberculosis is not present. A negative (less than 10 mm) PPD, Quantiferon Gold Lab, or a negative chest X-Ray within one year of application will constitute acceptable evidence. All students (domestic and international) with positive results will be referred to Troy Regional Medical Center for a chest X-Ray at the student's expense. 

Download the Student Medical History Record [PDF]



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