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Help Others Improve Their Health and Well-Being with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from TROY

Are you passionate about health and wellness? If you want to explore the connections between exercise and physical well-being — and learn how to help others improve theirs — Troy University’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology program will help you do so. With concentrations in nutrition, pre-health professions, and health and wellness, TROY’s program prepares you for roles in the key areas of exercise science. Whether you want to work as a physical therapist, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation aid, or community wellness coordinator, a B.S. in exercise physiology from TROY will give you the foundation you need to excel in your future career.

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Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Study

Earn a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology that provides a robust understanding of the sciences and sets you up for success in the field. In our program, you’ll develop foundational knowledge in biology, chemistry, and nutrition and an advanced understanding of human anatomy and physiology that will serve you in your future career. You’ll also gain laboratory skills and research experience, increasing your competencies and positioning you for further study in the allied health field.

An Exercise Science Degree with a Focus on Application

In addition to applying and testing course concepts in labs and class projects, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain experience in exercise science through internships and field experiences. The B.S. in exercise Physiology program includes an internship in your chosen concentration, another in your senior year and field experience in cardiac rehabilitation. You can also study abroad in the United Kingdom at Coventry University to gain exposure to global perspectives in exercise science.
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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year and according to your concentration, your coursework may include:
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Exercise Physiology Bachelor’s Program Locations

The exercise science program is delivered in person at TROY’s main campus, allowing you to gain hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art facilities. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756.

Preparation for Professional Certifications and Graduate Programs

Whether you are interested in immediate employment or pursuing graduate study, our program gives you a competitive edge in both the job market and grad school applications. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be prepared to sit for certification examinations that add to your credibility and marketability in the fields of health and fitness, clinical exercise testing, and strength and conditioning. The certification exams you’ll be equipped to take include several from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

If you are interested in attending professional health schools for exercise science careers such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or physician assistant, our program provides invaluable knowledge and training to position you for success. The pre-health professions concentration emphasizes preparation for graduate study, including advanced-level coursework, labs and research.
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Exercise Science Careers

A bachelor's degree in exercise science prepares you for various roles depending on your chosen concentration. TROY’s exercise science graduates work in numerous settings, including pro sports, high schools, hospitals, wellness centers and gyms.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Teresa Johnson

Dr. Teresa Johnson

Dr. Johnson is a registered dietitian with over 30 years of clinical practice and teaching experience. She teaches several courses in the exercise science bachelor’s program, including Human Nutrition, Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition for the Life Cycle, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Introduction to Food Science, Community Nutrition, and Sports Nutrition and Metabolism. Her research interests include pediatric nutrition, anthropometry, complementary and alternative medical therapies and blended tube feeding.

Exercise Physiology Degree Concentrations

Choose the concentration that lines up with your future goals, whether you want to go straight into exercise science careers or pursue further study.
B.S. in Exercise Physiology: Nutrition

In the nutrition emphasis, you’ll learn about one of the most vital components of health and how to improve them in individuals and communities. This concentration includes coursework in food science, nutritional assessment, community nutrition, lifecycle nutrition and more. With this concentration, you can prepare for exercise science jobs such as fitness and wellness coordinator, food service manager, dietetic technician and nutritionist.


B.S. in Exercise Physiology: Pre-Health Professions

This concentration prepares you for graduate study in exercise science, which can lead to professional health roles such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and physician assistant. With courses in rehabilitative exercise, microbiology and health concepts, this emphasis equips you with the coursework you need to apply to and excel in further study.


B.S. in Exercise Physiology: Wellness and Fitness

With courses in physiology, wellness psychology and exercise performance, this concentration prepares you for exercise science jobs in strength and conditioning, coaching, commercial fitness and more.


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FAQ About the Exercise Physiology Degree Program

Learn more about the field of exercise science and our program.
What is exercise science?

Exercise science studies how exercise and physical activity affect health, well-being, disease prevention and performance. It covers topics such as biology, nutrition, anatomy, psychology, physiology and other sciences related to human health.

What can you do with an exercise physiology degree?

An exercise physiology degree prepares you for numerous jobs and further study in exercise science. Graduates of the exercise physiology bachelor’s program at TROY have become personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, dietitians, fitness and wellness coordinators, community health workers and many other roles.

What certifications can I get with my exercise science degree?

After earning your B.S. in exercise physiology from TROY, you’ll be prepared to earn certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. These certifications include credentials for becoming a personal trainer, exercise instructor, physiologist, strength and conditioning instructor and more.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certifications:

National Strength and Conditioning Association (SCA) Certifications:

How many hours are in TROY’s exercise Physiology degree program?

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology is a 123-credit-hour program. View the course catalog.

What exercise science classes are offered online?

TROY’s exercise science classes are offered in person only at this time.

How large are class sizes in the exercise physiology degree program?

Average class sizes for the exercise physiology degree are 30 students for lecture courses and 15 for labs.

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