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History - European/Asian/African

About the European/Asian/African History Degree

Are you passionate about understanding the global cultures that have helped shape the world? If you have a heart for far-away places, a bachelor’s in history with a concentration in European, Asian and African histories could be the perfect fit for you.

Broaden your world view

Through working your way through your undergraduate degree, you’ll find yourself a part of TROY’s Department of History, which is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences. As a member of the history department, you’ll study with knowledgeable and caring faculty members who share a passion to see you succeed. Within your history coursework, you will set the groundwork for your degree by studying world history, U.S. history and world geography. Once you’ve completed your general studies, you will have ample opportunities to focus on your areas of interest as you take a variety of traditional and dynamic courses.

European history

From the fall of the Roman Empire to today’s contemporary European culture, TROY’s European history courses will take you on a journey exploring some of the greatest victories and losses felt “across the pond.” These classes will equip you with a deeper understanding of topics such as the Crusades, medieval Europe, the Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution and provide you with inspiration for your own future classroom.

Asian history

Study the ins and outs of Middle Eastern culture including information about Islam, the Ottoman Empire and the Western influence that has helped shape the Middle East since World War II. You’ll have the opportunity to study the development and interaction of Chinese, Japanese and Korean civilizations, as well as the impact of Western cultures, twentieth-century conflicts, resolutions and accommodations.

African history

You’ll have the chance to dive deep into Africa’s rich history with all its political, social and cultural milestones, including the continent’s division by European powers and decolonization. You’ll also have the chance to follow the history of African Americans from the 17th century to present day.

Accelerated Law Option Available

In 2015, TROY partnered with Thomas Goode Jones and Cumberland schools of law to become the first college in the state of Alabama to offer its students a way to complete their bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degrees within six years. Today, as part of this major studying within the University’s accelerated law program, you will begin an academic journey leading you to your junior year where, upon the careful consideration of your GPA and LSAT scores, you will have the opportunity to apply to law school at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham and now at the Mississippi College of Law. Programs are highly selective, and once chosen by one of the schools, you will begin your legal studies there. After your first year of law school, your GPA at Jones or Cumberland will be evaluated, and if there are no objections, you will receive your bachelor’s degree from TROY as if you’d been attending our classes throughout your senior year. At this point, only two years of law school remain before you sit for the Alabama State Bar exam. Now, that’s a deal, and it can only be found at TROY.



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