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Social Science

Social Science

Troy University’s social science major will prepare you to understand and contribute to society in a meaningful way by applying critical and creative thinking, technology and an interdisciplinary perspective to solving practical problems.

As a student of social science, you will learn to analyze societal issues, identify improvements, and recommend solutions using statistics and data analysis. You’ll learn to communicate effectively and to evaluate individual and community needs. As you develop the ability to analyze complex social problems, you will become able to work toward realistic solutions using awareness, acceptance and appreciation of diversity, social factors and global multicultural perspectives.

As a social science student, you may choose classes from the following disciplines, and more, in your studies:

  • Anthropology - The study of the origins and social relationships of human beings
  • Geography - The study of land, people and economics)
  • Sociology - The study of human lives, societal changes and social causes and consequences of human behavior
  • Psychology - The study of the human mind and its functions
  • History - The general study and interpretation of the past and comparison/contrast to the present.
  • Economics - The systematic study of the production, conservation and allocation of resources in conditions of scarcity, together with the organizational frameworks related to these processes.
  • Political Science - The systematic study of political institutions and behavior.

The Social Science Major

Troy University’s social science major offers the following concentrations:

  • General social science - an excellent choice if you want a broad overview without limitations in one subject area, or if you are going to seek a second major in education
  • Geography - an excellent choice for understanding global and regional political issues
  • Leadership - an excellent choice to prepare you to be a model for and to guide others in any profession

Social Science Education

Students who want to seek Alabama teacher certification should select the social science major with the general social science concentration and also select education as a second major.

Accelerated Law Option Available

In 2015, TROY partnered with Thomas Goode Jones and Cumberland schools of law to become the first college in the state of Alabama to offer its students a way to complete their bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degrees within six years. Today, as part of this major studying within the University’s accelerated law program, you will begin an academic journey leading you to your junior year where, upon the careful consideration of your GPA and LSAT scores, you will have the opportunity to apply to law school at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham and now at the Mississippi College of Law. Programs are highly selective, and once chosen by one of the schools, you will begin your legal studies there. After your first year of law school, your GPA at Jones or Cumberland will be evaluated, and if there are no objections, you will receive your bachelor’s degree from TROY as if you’d been attending our classes throughout your senior year. At this point, only two years of law school remain before you sit for the Alabama State Bar exam. Now, that’s a deal, and it can only be found at TROY. 




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