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Program Overview

The purpose of Troy University's English major is to prepare undergraduate students to enter today's professions, public services, or graduate programs with literacy in English and American language. They also gain a knowledge of the world's literary culture adequate for success in today's global culture. They develop skills in formulating answers to questions through open-minded research. They also develop approaches to logical, critical, and creative thinking. Some of the other tangible goals sought in the program include:

  • A development of clarity, directness, and effective personal style in the spoken and written language that characterize a well-educated person in today's global community;
  • An appreciation and understanding of the long process of development behind the language and cultural configurations that define meaningful communication today, and an appreciation and understanding of the necessity for carrying this intellectual development forward in a responsible way;
  • An ability to use linguistic and literary facts, which form the actual substance of the various areas of the English discipline, as enjoyable as well as practical assets in today's occupations and leisure activities.

Advisors in the department help guide English majors to the courses they need in pedagogy, literary theory, and other specific areas of relevance in their curricular packages.

Hone your skills

As a Troy University English major, you will have every opportunity to exercise your grammatical prowess, develop stronger editing skills, dive into classical and modern literature and increase your understanding of linguistics and writing. When you kickstart your degree program, you’ll begin laying a firm academic foundation with American and British literature courses. Later, you’ll be introduced to courses that are designed to help you continue building your understanding of the English language.

Pursue your passion

Within TROY’s English program, you can focus on the areas that interest you the most. If you aspire to write books for a living, TROY offers courses in creative and nonfiction writing with the options to dive deep into the study of fantasy, Arthurian legends or young adult, medieval, renaissance, Victorian and African American literature—and that is just a small portion of your options.

If you’re a lover of all things Brit lit—especially William Shakespeare—immerse yourself in the Bard’s tragedies, comedies and histories, and then follow up your studies with the perfect study abroad opportunity by experiencing British culture first-hand as you travel with your instructors and peers to London, Oxford and other historic British locations.

Learn from the best

Led by brilliant faculty members with a passion to see you succeed, TROY’s English program allows you to explore the wide world of language instruction. You may decide to pursue the program’s professional writing emphasis where you’ll learn more about technical and professional writing and editing and professional document design. Or you may feel led to invest your time and talents in areas such as teaching, grammar or creative writing. No matter your chosen course, before you graduate with your degree, you’ll have a new appreciation for the grammatical, social, biological and technological application of language.



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