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The following campaigns were created in ENT2200: INNOVATION AND CREATIVE THINKING. Each project is designed to support mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students collaborated with graphic designers to produce these awareness campaigns. All campaigns are available for sponsorship and publication. 

For further information related to any campaign please contact:

Edward Noriega,
334  670-3393



Be Doomed opener

Slay COVID or Be Doomed

Slay COVID is all about reaching college students with the importance of wearing a mask properly. We believe that this pandemic is affecting everyone and we must protect ourselves and those around us. We will spread this message by producing stickers as well as a video commercial. We would like our campaign to be advertised on social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram.

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feet opener pic

Mask Up

Our intention is to get people to wear masks in public and to wear masks correctly. We would like to see our campaign on social media, schools, and college campuses.

Gma Opener

Protect Your G’ma

 This animation was made to bring awareness of wearing a mask in a comical, but serious manner. This campaign is intended to be shown in the Veterans Memorial Stadium, jumbotron. We also plan on showcasing it via Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.



Dice graphic

Players Guide to COVID

I find it saddening that in our current world, that something as simple as wearing a piece of cloth is as controversial and who you are voting for this coming November. The issue of mask wearing is an issue concerning political affiliation, when in reality, it should just be an issue of caring for others. Some are referred to as sheep, and some are referred to as heroes, all because they chose to do the bare minimum to protect themselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. The statement is simple, care for others, and protect yourself and those close to you. With the current number of deaths just over 180,000, this is no hoax conspired by the democratic party to scare you into voting for Joe Biden. This is a real threat that we are all facing due to poor leadership, lack of responsibility, and simple ignorance. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, wear a damn mask.

Shield Opener

Trojan Shield (3D printed shields)

In response to the increasing case rate of COVID-19 I found it important to create a brand of face shields that would give people additional facial protection during this pandemic. Trojan Shield along with many other face shield brands is striving towards creating a more socially normal environment that everyone is happier in. Face shields allow visibility for verbal and nonverbal communication whereas face masks limit these verbal cues that we need to communicate efficiently. The goal of the Trojan Shield brand is to provide TROY University with another option of facial protection that is unique to TROY and allows normal social interaction to take place inside and outside of the classroom. Having different Trojan Shield models gives people the option to choose what is best suitable for their style. The Trojan Shields are 3D printed face shields, allowing anyone with a 3D printer access to downloading the files and print them using their own printer.

police badge

You Have the Right to Remain Healthy!

The PPE Police wants to encourage Troy students to wear their face masks in the correct way. We want our fellow students to do their part to help keep our campus safe by sending in mask violation pictures that we will then post on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We want to use this platform as a way to enforce of the wearing of masks. We believe with this younger generation that using social media to mask-shame students will better reach our audience.

immunity opener 2

Immunity: Protecting the Autoimmune

 Immunity: Protecting the Autoimmune, is an awareness campaign created to bring attention to at-risk students on campus and at-risk people in the community. In order to accomplish this goal, our team has created a graphic campaign to be used on social media and in physical locations around campus. Posters, masks, and T-shirts are just some of the ways we have used to get the word out. Our team would like to see the campaign used for the sole purpose of spreading awareness for autoimmune persons, and not to make unaffected persons feel like they are not doing enough to help. Our main concern is that people may feel like we are asking them to do more or act more cautiously, but in reality, we just want to give them another reason to stick with being safe until the pandemic is over.



wash opener

Walk This Way (Wash This Way)

Our target audience is the people of Troy and Troy University students. The goal of our campaign is to inform the people that washing your hands can reduce your chance of getting Covid-19 drastically. We would like our campaign to be used by putting our creatively designed posters in troy University bathrooms. We want on the walls where people can see them as there walking in the bathroom.

Pack Up Opener

Mask Up or Pack Up

Our goal is to get college students to wear their masks in all social settings by respectfully reminding them to wear their masks and distributing our string bags. We need all students to wear their masks around others at all times to ensure the safety of each other. I would like to see my campaign used on college campuses and have our bags given to students on campus.



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