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Fil J. Arenas

Dr. Fil Arenas is currently an Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at Air University’s Leadership Institute and the Air Command & Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Originally reporting to the Squadron Officer College in August 2007, Dr. Arenas was the Professor of Organizational Leadership Studies for nearly nine and a half years before reporting as a faculty member for Air Command and Staff College professional military education (PME) graduate school. Further, he has been teaching leadership electives at Air Command & Staff College and Air War College respectively since 2013. During over twelve years as a faculty member at Air University Dr. Arenas has taught international officers representing 143 Allied Countries from around the world. These international students are enrolled in all levels of PME at Air University.

Dr. Arenas received his doctorate degree from The George Washington University in Higher Education Administration. He is currently published in the areas of full range leadership, character strengths, emotional intelligence, and virtual immersive learning models. One of his books, AU-26: Developing Your Full Range of Leadership has been used throughout Air University by thousands of students. Dr. Arenas retired from the military after 28 years of faithful service (14 USAF & 14 USN) in 2005.


Publications & Presentations

Stricker, Andrew, Calongne, Cynthia, Truman, Barbara, & Arenas, Fil. Integrating an Awareness of Selfhood and Society into Virtual Learning (2nd edition). New title Recent Advances in Applying Identity and Society Awareness to Virtual Learning. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, Jul 2019.

Arenas, Fil J. A Casebook in Transformational and Transactional Leadership. New York: Routledge, Feb,2019.

Arenas, Fil J., Connelly, Daniel L., & Williams, Michael D. AU-26, Developing Your Full Range of Leadership: Leveraging a Transformational Approach. Maxwell, AFB: Air University Press, Apr 2018.

Stricker, Andrew, Calongne, Cynthia, Truman, Barbara, & Arenas, Fil. Integrating an Awareness of Selfhood and Society into Virtual Learning. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, Jan 2017.

Hammett, Rick, Arenas, Fil J., & Scherer, Joel A.  "Full Range Leadership and Transformative Emotional Intelligence Among USAF Squadron Officer College Students,” The International Journal of Transformative Emotional Intelligence 5, (2018).


Research Interests

Current research interests are:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Toxic Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Virtues and Character Strengths
  • Virtual Immersive Learning Models
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