Aircraft Crash Information

Safety & Security




To provide a procedure to maximize the security of Dothan Campus faculty, staff, students, and property in the event of an explosion or aircraft crash on campus.



The TROY-Dothan Campus is located near a military base (helicopter training) and a commercial airport. Thus, a safety plan for explosions and downed aircraft is essential.

Aircraft disasters present a unique set of circumstances and require considerable flexibility in dealing with them. Small single or twin engine aircraft or helicopters usually affect a relatively small area upon impact. Fire, if any, resulting from a crash is usually of short duration and quickly extinguished.

A commercial airliner crash could result in a path of fire and destruction one-half mile long and 200 yards wide. Fire tends to be very intensive with large amounts of smoke.

Disaster activities will be mainly directed toward evacuation of buildings and preventing the spread of fire to other buildings or areas. Actual rescue and fire fighting will be accomplished by local crash/rescue units.



In the event a mishap occurs, such as an explosion or a downed aircraft (crash) on campus, take the following action:

Immediately take cover under tables, desks, and other objects which will give protection against falling glass or debris.

After the effects of the explosion and/or fire have subsided, notify the Switchboard Operator at ext. 111 or dial 911, if after normal working hours. Provide your name and describe the location and nature of the emergency.

If necessary, or when directed to do so, activate the building alarm.

All building evacuations will occur when an alarm sounds. (See Evacuation Procedures.)

When the building evacuation alarm is sounded or when told to leave by Dothan Campus officials, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same.


Once outside move to a clear area that is at least 500 feet away from the affected building. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews. Know your area assembly points.

If requested, assist the emergency crews as necessary.


The crash scene will be controlled by the University Police until the appropriate federal officials arrive. These officials will establish a perimeter for the crash site. Damaged campus areas outside of their established perimeter will be controlled by the Public Safety Coordinator or Public Safety Director unless control is monitored by federal officials.